Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


Can I use MOD over mobile Internet?


in Yilan


They don’t do that anymore, and will gladly refund the $2900 if you’ve previously paid it.


That’s great to hear.
Must be a recent event as a few months ago the branch said it was still a rule.
Taiwan mobile still takes deposits unless that changed too . FET does not.

The two smaller players want guarantors . You’d think they would be more hungry for biz.


Sorry this is Taiwan Mobile I’m talking about not requiring a deposit anymore. Not sure about the others.


I know some people got their deposit back…with their receipts. There is always a catch.


Some people criticize the lines saying those folks do not value their time and like the toilet paper frenzy, just follow the crowds. I think people are hurting, the cost of living is getting higher while salaries are stagnated. They are try to save and cut corners.

There is also a privileged side to this 499 deal. It will eventually come out on the news. I hate the high CHT executives with their ****eating grins while actually their hands were forced on this matter. Really disgusting. Same uppity attitude of most bosses and factory owners who know they can get away with treating workers as nothing, Though in this case it is consumers.


They were forced, right
Taiwan star and aptg were eating their lunch with their $249 - 388 deals and the big 3 were charging 799 and up for the same so this is just an anti competitive response to try and crush the competition

Once crushed the cartel can get back to gouging


Just tried through their website. It seems if you have a prepaid kind of number, they don’t allow you to do it online…


Are you out yet?




Should we send food and blankets?


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We should put a filter over our FB profile pictures in his honour.




That is not bad. I mean it is not 2600 against current number 1010.


The little guys pay band with rights and a lot of stuff to CHT, which anyways thinks of cellphone service as little peanuts.

Watch that press conference. It makes the blood boil.


OK, I’ll try my luck today. Right now I’m queuing in front of the shop, which opens in one hour. If you don’t hear of me by 1300, send the troops and avenge my death


Long lines yesterday in yilan, people who work mon/fri need to try their luck over the weekend. I didn’t pass by the city today, so no idea about the current situation. A friend sent me a few photos of CHT store in yilan yesterday and it was more crowded than the tax office at the beginning of May -_-

I guess we can all start to prepare the relevant hashtags:

#jesuoisfeifan #prayforfeifan


I was able to switch to the 299 plan using the CHT eShop, perhaps because I’m an existing customer out-of-contract. In theory, switching to the 499 plan using this method is also possible.

Login at


using your phone number, ARC or passport number associated with your account (after selecting 外籍人士) and the captcha.

Follow the steps, and you’ll get an email and SMS with an application number. After a few hours, your application should be approved - you can check the status in the service area at: