Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


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Sorry, I need a very basic explanation here …

I have an iPhone SE, and I’m roughly 22 months into a 30-month plan. I’m now paying about 1200 a month for 15GB, and I don’t come close to using that. For voice calls, per month, I average, oh, zero minutes.

So how does this work? Can I switch over to this plan and get something cheaper? What happens if I spend most of Monday waiting in line, get this deal, and then get the new iPhone SE that may be coming out this summer?


I am alive! It just took me until now to get the contract. Now im running on dem highspeed Internet


How do we know it’s you and not someone impersonating you?


Good question. I just can say I am me, but if I was sombody else impersonating me i would say that too i guess.


Well, there’s a simple test…a single question to which only the real Fei Fan and I know the correct answer:

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Of course as long as it’s not skimmed milk


Welcome back, we were worried about you!


Thank you. I barely made it out with nothing but my life and the phone contract.
One customer didn’t want to understand why he could not have 20 cards lol.


Resellers. Puff.

In recent news, users of Taiwan Tageta and Far East report faster speeds. Some speculate whether a lot of people switching to CHT may be the cause.



From what I can tell, Fareastone’s copycat deal will throttle down to 128kps after a measly 1GB of use, whereas the Chunghwa deal doesn’t do that. Seems hard to believe, but if true, it’s a pretty drastic difference.

Edit: I was wrong! No throttling!


I’m not sure why, but I think this is different for everyone. I was able to apply online and it took all my information but still requires me to visit a CHT store to complete it. no option around it. I’ll check later and see what the order status says.


FYI, at CHT, if you get one ticket you can later bring friends. I got the # and went back to the store with girlfriend and friend in time to claim my #.I got the deal and they did too. That’s why you’ll see more than one person at a time talking to a customer rep.

But if you miss the # when it is called, you are F’d.


Sorry, some people mentioned the link doesn’t go to the login page. If that’s the case for you, you can get to the same place by going to:

And clicking the blue button (立即續約) on the bottom left.


Sorry to hear! The only other thing I could think of was that my account has estatements and automatic direct debit setup. Who knows. Probably not even CHT itself…


I’ve been their customer since 2012 and I had to use my passport and resident card to sign up. I think the rules have changes quite a bit. I do think it has worked. It says I need to to the selected store within 7 days to complete it and I have an order number.


I think I signed up with CHT in 2001, same year I signed with Costco.


Netizens insist the mass migration to CHT has affected speeds.



I love the comments by people… thank you Chunghua for taking on all these new customers, now my speed is faster


Usually you can quit your contract any time. You will however, have to pay a cancellation fee. If your phone itself is beeing paid off with your monthly phone bill, quiting early is maybe not possible.