Unlocking an iPhone locked to a UK network

I have an old iPhone 5 that’s locked to the O2 network in the UK. Obviously, it’s no use here in this condition. It’s in great condition despite being a few years old, and it would be a shame to bin it because it can’t be unlocked. Does anyone know where I can get it unlocked to any network? I’ve asked in a few small mobile shops locally, but as my Chinese is limited, couldn’t make myself understood. I’m in Taipei city and am looking for recommendations for someone who can unlock it to any network.

Thank you in anticipation,


Second floor of guanghua electronics Market, go off the escalator turn right walk to the corner it’s right there kind of a red color stall.

I had quite a few iPhones unlocked there but they may not be up to speed on the iPhone 5 anymore.

I’ve done it myself online also doesn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes maybe you can check that but make sure you have the exact unlocked for your exact phone. It’s almost as easy as clicking her one and two boxes and it’s done

Thank you for both pieces of information. Both of equal importance. I’m more inclined to let someone else sort it and throw some money at it than sort it myself. Thank you!

Maybe around NT$1000.