Unmanned Convenience Stores in Taiwan

I have at least a few questions.

What is this facial recognition card that is required?

Is icash 2.0 the same as easy card or something different?

Anyone tried?

Ibon website

Go into any 7-11. You’ll see price deals with just the icash card.
Sometimes buy-1-get-1 free.

You collect points (dollar = point) and you can then use their ibon kiosk to exchange points for things.

Pretty much same as easycard, but can’t use in other convenience stores, so I’m guessing it’s a PCS (President Chain Store) thing.

I’ve had one for a while, when a few years ago only could use icash card to get the buy-1-get-1 deal on HiChews, which I and my kids love. Bought a chunk of them, ha ha

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why can’t they use a machine that accepts money? i need to use money in every other shop so i dont want to bother with an icash card. i do have an icash card but after it didn’t work on the airport mrt and possibly busses(can’t really remember 100% but i may of had some trouble with it on a bus) i no longer had any use for it.

In other countries, such as France, the data shows that customers are -heavily- cheating when shopping in unmanned shops.
Switching price tags between two products is the most common method.
So … I guess… by using face recognition and their own cards, the management hopes to reduce the loss.


ok now i remember. i couldn’t add money to the icash card on the airport mrt add value machine. useless card!!

i like the system in the uk. the self checkout machines still have staff at hand, its not ‘unmanned’.

as for a totally unmanned system, i think you need something that everyone uses. which ain’t gonna happen in taiwan unless ‘line pay’ becomes a thing as everyone uses that app.