Unmarried birth, is the dad's name on the birth certificate/hukou?

Partner is 1 month pregnant. We are getting married next week, which we have been planning for the past year but we won’t be able to officially register the marriage until I go back to the UK to get proof that I am legally single. I am worried what would happen if my partner gives birth before I’m able to go back so we can register the marriage. Would my name be recorded?

No, your name won’t be recorded.
Why go back to the U.K. (and spend a month there if I recall correctly) for that stupid certificate when you can both go to Hong Kong and get married, have the thing authenticated and be done in four days?
There’s also a thread somewhere here in which a Brit describes how he was able to get married in Taiwan without the certificate of no impediment, by forcing the court to accept a sworn affidavit. A pain in the ass for sure but still cheaper than a flight back.

Little thing called COVID-19?


Didn’t consider that.

Strange, I was able to go to my country’s trade office and sign an affidavit saying I’m single in my home country. The UK office doesn’t offer the same thing?

Sounds like a pretty easy way of committing bigamy.

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not every country issues a certificate of no impediment. and people commit bigamy even in countries that have it

when a country issues a certificate of no impediment, basically taiwan wants it.

iirc, that is because the OP couldn’t get the certificate of no impediment from UK due to his long absence.

if you do acknowledgement of your child, your name would be annotated on the child’s registry.

Can you please give more info on this? Would be extremely useful

Here, though in Chinese. If you don’t read Chinese, the child’s mother can help you, right?




Thank you Tando, extremely appreciated

Another maybe related info.

Civil Code

Article 1064
A child born out of wedlock whose natural father and mother have concluded a marriage to each other is deemed to be legitimate.


Thank you