(Unofficial) Forumosa LINE Cycling Chat


Hey guys,

I created a LINE group for those of us cyclists here on Forumosa.

You can also use it as a resource for anything related to cycling or if you just need someone to ride with and to grab a beer afterwards.

Here’s the QR and link


Unofficial Forumosa Cycling Club 2017 (Taipei/New Taipei)
Bicycle Vocabulary in Chinese
Unofficial Forumosa Cycling Club 2018 (Taipei/New Taipei)
Unofficial Forumosa Cycling Club 2017 (Taipei/New Taipei)


Hello folks.

I have just moved to Taipei with my wife, Sophie, from the UK (Edinburgh). We are going to live in Tainmu for 2 years, and are both really keen cyclists.

We’d like to join you on these rides, if they still operate? I’ll be working all week, but free at the weekends. However Sophie is free all week until she finds work.

I am 36 and Sophie is 29.

At the moment we only have touring bikes with us, but we could buy a couple of proper road bikes if we can’t keep up! - we could buy these in due course.

We have only been here two days, so this is a first attempt at making some friends as well! Thanks guys, and hope to hear from someone in due course.

All the best.


P.s. contact details provided below (only UK phone at the moment)
+44 7811 210 440