Unoriginal ARC question

Hey guys, I’m sure its on here already but I’m on a really slow net connection that I’m stealing (unless of course this is the random stranger that’s so generous to let me borrow his/her internet connect, in that case, thanks! :smiley:).

Anyways. My ARC is up this Monday, just wondering if I have a contract in hand, can I go to the immigration office and get an extension or something on my current ARC? I just don’t have the cashola to run to Macau and back and live comfortably when I come back , so I’d much rather not have to go.

On the other hand, if I do have to go on one of those trips, when my new ARC gets processed in the 3 weeks or month that it takes, do I have to leave again to pick it up?? I had a British roomate who didn’t have to, but I remember being told when I first came here a year ago that I needed the special visa, because a tourist landed visa u can’t get a ARC with while being in the country.

Thanks guys!


I know that this is late, but for other people who may have the same question.

The answer is no. You need a work permit from the CLA (labor people) that you take to the NIA to renew your ARC. Your contract is one of the items (along with a medical check and other paper work) that is sent to the CLA.

For other people, if you are planning on staying at your current job you should have your school apply for the work permit at least one month before your ARC expires.