"Unpayable" parking tickets?

I’ve gotten 3 of those evil parking tickets you can’t pay at the post office or 7-11 in Taipei. Recently moved here from Taichung, haven’t changed the address on the blue card yet. Haven’t gotten any of the official tickets in the mail. Can I ignore the tickets, or will a SWAT team of parking commandos break down my door in the middle of the night? Or should I make an effort to pay them before the fines climb to more than my pathetic monthly salary? Where would one go to abase themselves before the proper authorities in this matter? Thanks!

Try going to one of the DMV offices in Taipei. When renewing my bike registration at the Taichung DMV once, I had to pay a parking ticket I didn’t even know I’d got. Not sure whether all the information is on a central computer system but it’s worth a try.

it should say where you can pay it on the back…

if you can’t pay at 7-11… did you try family mart???

They put a warning ticket on your vehicle where it is parked then mail you the real ticket with a nice picture of said vehicle. The real ticket usually comes about a month later. Is this what you are talking about? These ones don’t go up much if you are late, usually only double after a month or two, but you might not have much time left when you get it. The real ticket can be paid at 7-11 for the first time period, then you have to find out where late people take them. It is different for different tickets (and bills too).

If an nice officer gave you a ticket (or you get a similar “official” ticket) you have 1/2 the time to pay, and it goes up a bit faster, but still only to about double (I think, can depend on the ticket). These can be paid at the post office bank like place.

As a scooter renting guy I am surprised I don’t have to pay more tickets. But as a fast driving/bad parking guy I personally have had to pay both kinds of tickets.