Unravel Social & Support Group

Hi Hustlers!

We get so caught up with such busy city lives that we forget to get in touch with ourselves. In an effort to overcome that boundary, Unravel Discussion Support Group is created to build a community that encourages you to raise self-awareness and to put a spotlight on issues you feel it’s important.

Each meetup will cover one topic and various topic discussions will be covered over a period of time (relationship struggle, eating disorder, bullying, and etc.) Not only do discussions explore abstract concepts, but it will also cover practical topics such as traveling abroad and general how-to.

An upcoming MeetUp event, Unraveling Self-Esteem, will be hosted on Tuesday 11th at The Common at 7PM. For more details and RSVP, please visit the following link: https://www.meetup.com/Unravel-Taipei-Meetup/


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