Unrecognized Mac volumes


Trying to fix a problem and find some ‘lost’ photos on my external hard drive, I had to get into the hidden “Macintosh HD: Volumes” directory. I used File Buddy to make this visible, changed it from “system” ownership to my own identity, and rescued the files.

The external hard drive then ceased to be recognized by the system.

I reset everything, but the external hard drive is still not recognized. Even when I plugged it into my iBook instead of the Mini. Even my iPod which had been plugged in the Mini, is no longer recognized on the iBook.

Any ideas how to fix this? There’s not a gross amount of info on the external drive, so if I have to copy the info and wipe the drive, that’s fine, but I have to save that info.

help! help!


go to www.stellarinfo.com and try there mac product, I have used there windows product works every time

Thanks. I started going that route, but seeing no price tag assumed it would be expensive. Eventually I worked out how to save my info using system admin powers, a 30 gig iPod, and a rather silly amount of time. Not all bad since I was forced to ding out some rubbish files.

it should be less then US$100 since the PC is about 70… but again if you visit the site there is live chat that might help