Unseeded Taiwanese beats Andy Roddick. [edited]

A Taiwanese Lu Yen-Hsun, ranked 82nd in the world, has beaten Andy Roddick at Wimbledon.

Of course, as a Brit I was hoping Roddick would do well this year (despite having no interest in tennis), but given the Scottish “Anyone But England” thing in the World Cup, and England going out, it’s time for a touch of schadenfreude with respect to our fat, ginger, fried mars bar eating and terminally hard done by cousins.

No doubt it was the English’s fault for distracting Roddick by losing to someone better than 82nd in the world. This would never happen if the English imperialist aggressors were sent packing and Scotland were responsible for its own failures!

To quote Sandman

" :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: "

Time to cheer Taiwan!


Seems I’m being a little dense.

Andy Roddick is not Andy Murray. Oh well. I said I wasn’t interested in tennis.

Still excited for Taiwan.

It’s Yen-Hsun Lu Day,

Click on [favurl=]Yen-Hsun Lu,http://www.atpworldtour.com/Tennis/Players/Top-Players/Yen-Hsun-Lu.aspx[/favurl]

Fact 1: career earnings: $1,283,251

加油 yen-soon loo 加油

Where d’you get the “Day” from?

Unless you’re pandering to people who can’t understand that some cultures put the family name first and given name second, it’s Lu Yen-Hsun. David Beckham (to pull a random sportsman out of the air) wouldn’t suddenly become Beckham David if he came to Taiwan.

Wang Chien-Ming seems to be known as Chien-Ming Wang in America. It’s like calling a certain Chinese leader Mr. ZeDong Mao.

I find it patronising to the western people (they’d find Chinese names too confusing, poor dears) and lacking in the self-confidence to use their own names for the Chinese/Taiwanese.

Lu is playing at 1 pm London time against 3-seed Djokovic for a place in the semis.

He’s a chicken farmer’s son from Taoyuan, playing to make his family and deceased father proud. Very humble guy, and I hope he puts up a good fight today.

[quote=“Stray Dog”]Lu is playing at 1 pm London time against 3-seed Djokovic for a place in the semis.

He’s a chicken farmer’s son from Taoyuan, playing to make his family and deceased father proud. Very humble guy, and I hope he puts up a good fight today.[/quote]

And there’s no football tonight. Perfect timing.

Or Kai-shek Chiang, or Yat-sen Sun, or Deng-hui Lee, or Ying-jiu Ma.

Seeing a Chinese name written “given name + surname” is a pet peeve of mine (to add to all the others in the Pet Peeves thread!). The surname should come first in Chinese names, even when written in English.

Unless the given name is English or is abbreviated: Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Y. R. Chao, etc.

I think he meant it was Lu Yen-Hsun’s day.

I’m rooting for this bloke. He comes across as a likeable fellow, and he can CERTAINLY put on a show! Good on him. Jiayou, dude! That match with Roddick was an absolute KILLER.
Getting a bit tired of the fucking local hacks and their interminable gushingly offensive saccharine “Glory of DAIwan!” shite. Bunch of mouthbreathing hicks.

He was just thrashed by Djokovic … 6-3, 6-2, 6-2.

He still did himself and Taiwan very proud.

Well done 盧彥勳 (aka Randy Lu or Lú Yànxūn or yen-soon loo or YEN-HSUN LU or Lu Yen-Hsun or Rendy or “stew egg” or lu-dan)


Rendy [wikipedia]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lu_Yen-hsun[/wikipedia]

Lu Yen-Hsun (traditional Chinese: 盧彥勳; simplified Chinese: 卢彦勋; pinyin: Lú Yànxūn; born August 14, 1983 in Taoyuan, Taiwan) is a professional tennis player. He goes by the nickname Rendy. As of June 21, 2010, Lu is ranked #82 in the world and #1 in Asia. Lu is sponsored by Adidas (apparel and shoes), Head (rackets), Chunghwa Telecom and CPC Corporation. On court, Lu currently uses Head Flexpoint Instinct (racket), the Alu Big Banger (string) and Tournagrip (overgrip). His favorite surface is hardcourt.

[button]highlights and interview,http://www.channelapa.com/2010/06/yen-hsun-lu-beats-andy-roddick-at-wimbledon.htm[/button]l

Absolutely. He should be very proud indeed. Hope he gets a nice sponsorship deal when he gets back. It seems like he pretty much went to Wimbledon by himself, with very little support, which makes his achievements all the more impressive.

Federer too. Got his butt kicked by the #12 seed, Thomas Berdych. This will be the first time since 2002 that Federer won’t be in the finals at Wimbledon. Loooser. :wink:

And Venus got upset too and the Williams sisters lost in doubles.

They mentioned that the showing would get him at least into the top 50 on the ATP rankings…He’ll need to follow it up with some more good showings to stay there or advance, but the potential is there. Don’t know if it was mentioned, but his previous best was beating Andy Murray in the first round at the Olympics in 2008. :thumbsup:

It’s funny, too, that he was referred to as a complete nobody, despite being ranked #82 in the world. Sure, he’s not Federer or Nadal and his name wasn’t known outside of Taiwan or outside tennis circles. But #82 in the world in a seriously competitive professional sport – that’s pretty damned good! Even Federer was probably #82 at some point in his career. And if he’s moving into the top 50 now, so much the better. :bravo: