Unused Hip Hop names

This is dumb but funny…

  1. Puff Dragon
  2. M.C. Escher
  3. Capitalist P.I.G.
  4. Black Ice*
  5. Run EXE
  6. Lil’ Red Caboose
  7. Dr. Pay (sorry, terrible pun)
  8. Scoop Doggy Poop
  9. Lemon Fresh
  10. Salt N Battery
  11. Window Shady
  12. EZ Bake Ov’n
  13. PB N J*
  14. Busta Nut
  15. Big Pimp L

Here’s my contribution:

  1. Grandmaster Theft
  2. Lay-Z Boy
  3. 2pay
  4. Smelly
  5. Pu Tang Clan
  6. Public Enema
  7. Busta Leg
  8. Bribe Called Arrest

How about Grandmaster Chess?

…M C 'emDucksOverThar?

…Leeanne Rhymes?


…TuPAY Shakur (not just a rapper, but also a client)?

…Queen Syzd Ho’s

…the Digital Underpants?

…Ice Water (with Ly-MON)?

…Peed, did he?

and of course

…the Flatulent S.B.D?

Ice T
Fur Q

In U.r. Feaces

Troubled Rhymes

Burnt Toast

Fractured High Man