Unwanted editing


If, in fact, there has been an official change in Forum policy regarding the use of profanity, it should be posted.
If there hasn’t, and I’m not in violation, the Mods have absolutely no business editing my posts.

I know how to use emojis.
If I wanted my post to look like a fucking 12-year-old girl’s LINE message, I guess that’s how I would have posted it.

ETA: I see NOTHING here that would support the adulteration of my post:

Escaped Dog meets Scooter

There’s been no change to the universal policy. My interpretation of the policy – Legal forum only – is that most instances of profanity qualify as egregious. I know the other mods are more relaxed about it. Call me a prude if you like. :slight_smile:


I got other things I’d rather call you.
If you are going to insist on inflciting your own arbitrary set of standards, at least have the courtesy to excise the terms that are so offensive to your delicate sensibilities rather than inserting childish content that completely alters the tone and effect of the post.
You may prefer to present as an infant, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does.


Inserting emoticons in place of swear words is juvenile. If you don’t want swear words in your own fora tell us (i.e. put a sticky in the forum page) and we’ll abide by your rules or else move the discussions elsewhere.


:banana:ing moderators…



I was being conciliatory. :banana:u


And look at that, 2 likes from fellow chleny komissariata gives you a perfect особая тройка.




That made me wonder how Japanese pronounce “fuck”. “/fʌkʊ/” perhaps?


The forum rules themselves use the phrase “I shit you not” in their discussion of what is acceptable profanity. Other phrases such as “shit happens” spring to mind. A phrase so common as to be common speech. I wrote “PTSGI do the same sort of shit”. There is nothing egregious about that sentence, it does not suggest a paucity of vocabulary on my part.


I’m going back over to that “nice” thread. I don’t like this one. This is the mean thread.


But your mother wouldn’t be proud of you speaking like that.


I liked it because it’s a clear statement of the facts of the situation.

Also from the rules:

Decisions about content are ultimately made by that forum’s moderator(s), who have paramount authority in their respective forums.

That means that @yyy can enforce his interpretation of what is egregious profanity in the Legal forums, and while feedback on the issue is welcome, as long as he is consistent about it, there’s no cause to complain to him about it (feel free to complain about our policy of giving mods authority in their forums if you like).

Furthermore, as it is Legal, where serious issues are often under discussion, it is a very reasonable interpretation IMO.


True. When you make a post of profanity, you should do it nicely by using :banana:.


yeah but at very least, drop the fucking emoticons…they are not befitting our serious discussions.


I was going to make a question regarding bananas and its possible uses, but let’s leave it here.


It is a bit difficult to respond seriously to a dancing banana.

It probably felt funny at first, but it’s getting a bit much.


I think you make a fair point, also my like for yyy was for the exact same reasons Tempo explained.

However, my path to edit a post, which is very rare, so rare I can’t recall the last time I did it. Is to send an IM asking for the poster to make the change themselves, if they insist the post remains unchanged and I consider what was said offensive enough, it goes to temp/flame.


This is sensible… inserting random crap into what someone said, changing the context, sucks.


You can use Llama poop instead of bullshit!