Unwanted editing


Oh, god, I don’t ever want to know any of you guys. The horror…

Not that you’d want to know me either.



Cause ya never know…


See this is exactly why I don’t come to Happy Hours.

I is another.


Imo, respect should be mutual. If my post were edited by mods and there were no note on that, I don’t feel I’m respected as a participant of a forum. “We, mods, can do anything we want. If you don’t like it, feel free to take a hike.”-like attitude will not get much respect from many members.


Of course it is a two way street. And I was only speaking from my own experience. I don’t think I’ve ever edited a post, but I run rather innocuous fora.

And yet, I am called a thug and my boots are called Jack.

If you have a problem with a specific mod’s choice, talk to him/her directly. If still left unsatisfied, take it up the chain to TG.

I’ve met and supped with all but 1 of our mod team, and they are all dedicated to making this place comfortable for all. I value all input (save for Sat TV), especially that with which I disagree personally. But @Rocket has been sawing that old song for too long, and as much as I consider him a brolie (the best of all forms of human), I’ve had it with his characterizations. I hope this sentiment of mine goes trapper instead of mesh, iukwim.

Not daily online English



Strange way to compliment a raccoon. :2cents:


I have thought egregious profanity is a violation of the rules that should be reported to mods. Is this a wrong understanding?


If you personally consider a post flag-worthy, please flag it. (If I think your flagging is excessive, I will let you know.)

If there’s a post you don’t think should be flagged but that you think I think should be flagged, you can relax. :slight_smile:


I think any posts violating the forum rules should be reported when noticed. Is this wrong?

If I understand this forum correctly, the criteria which are violations of the rules depend on the mod of each forum.


I saw that “fuck” in legal yesterday and thought, yeah, shouldn’t be there.

However you can’t say all swearing is egregious in itself. It’s simply that yyy says he wants a clean forum. Egregious means shocking or offensive. Not the case here.


Please keep in mind that mods have the final say, and I stand by what I already said. :slight_smile:


There’s a simple explanation: yours truly is not online 24h/d.


But it’s good that my conditioning caused me to think, yeah, nah, yyy won’t like that, no?


yes, that is what I understand to be the rules of the forum. Thus, in Legal Forum,

is your rule, and we should follow the rule, right? And, as far as it is the rule, I think we should reports any posts violating the rule.


TBH I wouldn’t do that. You’ll just look like a snitch. It’s not a violation of the rules, it’s just that yyy likes a clean forum. Therefore when yyy checks in on his forum he can clean up any language he deems inappropriate. Of course if you, yourself, are offended by any swearing, you’re welcome to flag it.


What is egregious, exceptioanlly vulgar, or clean is very subjective, but most instances of profanity is egregious is a clearer standard.


[edit: read Bear’s post too quickly]

@tando to put it in terms of jurisprudence, the rules are a “living tree”. :deciduous_tree: Comrades @politbureau and co. can be as horrified as offended as they like, but that’s how it is.


“most instances of profanity is egregious” is not a standard. “In the legal forum no swearing will be allowed due to the outward-facing nature of the forum” is what should be stickied at the top of the page. We’re not talking about a standard here, we’re talking about a preference of a Mod.


If I believe a swear word is appropriate, in a certain context, I’ll let it stand.