Unwanted editing


The thing is a pictorial representation of feces is much more offensive than writing “shit”. No one reads a sentence like, “I had a shit weekend” and sees a weekend filled with fecal activities. (No one I know at least, well except for this one chick I know but that’s a story for another time)


You fuckin A they were, junior, and I contributed a deadly serious reply.
At least until it had a bunch of fucking cartoons inserted into it without my consent.

Either of these responses would have have been preferable.
Megalomaniacal, totalitarian, and neurotically inflexible, but preferable nonetheless.


TBH it is annoying to spend some time writing something only to see it modified to a point you don’t recognize it as your own text. And that’s when it doesn’t get removed. It is especially frustrating when there wasn’t a real need to modify or remove that post, and then you can’t avoid to start a discussion about rules, semantics, context, etc… . Maybe the post itself wasn’t even that important, not worth so much discussion, but sometimes to be “modded” is really annoying.


To be modified to what seems to mean completely different things is more annoying than to be removed. Isn’t it @DrewCutz?

That’s fucked.
That’s :banana:ed.


Who the hell put the banana forward to represent the f-bomb? I want a name…


Big deadline tomorrow. Fuck fuck fuck.

Big deadline tomorrow. :banana: :banana::banana:


I agree. @yyy, if words like fuck or shut are automatically replaced by emojis like :banana: or :poop:, please explicitly write it as a forum rule on the top. People newly visiting the forum to seek some information on serious things might not understand what it is. And I don’t want to be thought I used thepose emojis in threads on serious topics, when actually a mod edited it.

But if fuck or shit are profanity, replacing them to other symbols instead of removing them does has any mean?


Taiwanho used to have a great auto correct where “offensive” words were auto changed to particular phrases, everyone knew what they meant bit the finished post was much nicer to look at. I believe it worked in a similar fashion to the hateful auto-pinyin thing, can something similar be done on formosa @tempogain ?


My workaround yesterday was to go back and change shit to sh*t…I think that’s an acceptable solution all round.


Lots of software/apps/programs have an option in the settings to turn on/off a profanity filter. Anything like that possible here? That way each individual can decide if they want to see it or not without having to be excluded from certain discussions.


Phonemically impossible in Japanese.

Guys, you know anyone can read most of the foums without even registering, and registering (to gain access to the Temp as soon as you hit TL1) is a piece of cake. Didn’t you ever hear about how you’re a cultural ambassador for your nice, respectable country and all that?

Call me your conservative Aunt Edna if you like. I intend to keep the Legal forum a civilized place. There used to be a warning at the top of every thread there (pre-Discourse) about legal advice, and we should probably bring that back anyway. Adding a warning about corase language to go along with the legal advice warning is an idea I will look into.

I wish you all a pleasant day. :bowing:


That’s how I feel every single time I use autocorrect…


Most smartphones have a choice to turn off autocorrect, no?
This site, however, has tons of autospelled words. Yuck.


Do we still? I thought that was all gone now.

Testing: Kinmen Jinmen Keelung Jilong Hsinhai Xinhai


Yep, looks uncorrected to me.


I was going to give you a like but then you went and :banana:ed it up


I won’t tolerate language of that sort either, y’know…


What the fuck is “corase” language, and in what country is it spoken??


Well, if you don’t ask nicely… :no_no:


Um, this is the feedback section. Your rules don’t apply here. :banana::banana::banana: