Unwanted editing


Seems pretty discriminatory against the Corasians, you ask me…


Fuckin A, bubba :+1:


It seems pretty simple in Legal, really. People are there for information. If adding or subtracting the word “fuck” changes the legal standing of your post, that’s one thing (and the only situation I could think of are the insane defamation laws in Taiwan. Or a divorce investigation.), but otherwise it makes no sense to insist on adding it. Whether it’s your fucking landlord or just your landlord, the issue is the same. Unless of course you’re there just looking for a reaction or venting or something – none of which are the purpose of the Legal forum. There are others more suited for those things.


Wow, Badges sticking together…who’d a thunk???:roll:


Sorry to disappoint, but I doubt I’ve ever even met yyy IRL. It’s just common sense combined with the rules.


For f bombs I kind of agree. But for this sentence: "PTSGI (biggest translation agency in Taiwan) do the same sort of sht". I’d tend to say yes to the sht and no to the f*ck. Remember the thread had become a general discussion about working conditions in Taiwan, not a narrow discussion of interpretation of law.


I can’t figure out what any of this has to do with my post.
Whatevs, komissar


Your policy on corase language is not retroactively applied to older threads unless they are digged up or quoted, right?


Three bananas? Excellent, it’s working! :smiling_imp:


Who can find out the true meaning of corase? Enjoy! :trollface:


No. I’m not the God-Emperor, after all.


Do you mean your rule is not retroactively applied to older threads?

Or, do you mean it is not right?


I take no responsibility for content posted before I became a moderator.


Or why don’t we just all grow up and become adults who can make a point without using the word fuck.

When I watch stand-up comedians who use expletives all the time I always think they need those crutches to make up for a lack of ingenuity. Same applies to online posts. The more you use expletives the more you weaken the points you are trying to make. Just my five fucking cents. :roll_eyes:


People who swear are more intelligent:


These fora are written in everyday vernacular. I swear when I speak as do 61% of native English speakers. Therefore my written English in this informal environment reflects my everyday usage of English.

That said I’m going to ration my use of expletives somewhat.


If that’s a real poll, it might merely indicate that dumb people don’t even notice that they’re swearing, whereas smart people are more mindful of what they’re saying and use profanity to judiciously add colour to their utterances (as per the OPs contention).


Thanks F, I needed a belly laugh today.

Hannes, there is nothing more childish to my ears than hearing, “oh my gosh!” or, “fudge it all!”. Swearing is the spice of life, for an adult.


It’s like Chinese websites changing Taiwan to ******


Not for me, and I am an adult. Of course I don’t use “oh my gosh” either. I really dislike that.