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It’s kind of like covfefe, but with much less pizzazz. :sunglasses:



If the use of sweary words makes you believe that people are weakening their points, you’re most likely missing out on some salient points in more higher minded discussions. Seems like to me you are maybe too easily offended and maybe also a bit elitist. :idunno:

Furthermore, one need not curse to troll. :wink:


I am not offended at all by cursing. I just think that people who use f-bombs all the time are likely more emotional than rational, more focused on complaining than solving problems, and are likely to have problems articulating themselves or are just too lazy to find more advanced expressions.

You can call me elitist. I like long sentences with complicated structures.


What the f*ck has that got to do with f-bombs? Your sentence above isn’t complicated, it just runs on and on and on like a week of wet Sundays with no end in sight.

Pray tell, oh great scribe, what does “more advanced expressions” mean?




I didn’t say that the sentence in my post has a complicated structure. I didn’t say that I am a great scribe, just that I like long sentences with complicated structures.

Fuckwittery. More advanced than Fuck. Good point Dr_Milker. Being creative. I love that.


Yes but a long sentence with a complicated structure can still include a swear word or two. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.


Interesting. Big Henry James fan? :tophat:

I find people who over articulate workaday conversations mostly presumptuous and condescending. Not a fan of vulgar name calling, but I feel that peppering a meaningful conversation with mature adjectives and phrases shows a person’s passion, linguistic creativity and individuality, not to mention his or her confidence. :idunno:

Might I ask your nationality? It does seem to make a difference. :whistle:


for me, shorter with simple structures may be better in most cases.


Maybe we should start a thread wherein everyone has to write in a style of their own choosing. Hemingway, James, Dickens, Kerouac. Could be fun.


Doesn’t have to always be used in a negative context. ie. “That was the best fucking steak I’ve ever had!”

Been shared before, but still applies here.


can i be e e cummings?


I swear a lot. In both English and the other language I speak. And I see it as a problem actually. I’d rather speak in a “cleaner” way. I think that both @hannes and the @the_bear are right in their way. Swearing has its function but too much of it makes those words lose effect and the speaker to look a bit more idiotic maybe.


I’ll call Raymond Carver. He wrote and wrote quite well with a shaky hungover heart-like beat and while he could’ve used gold-plated words to make his thoughts truly shine, he chose instead to melt them down, sold them for booze and forced his liver face down into the bottle by the scruff of its mangy neck and hoped readers would deal with it all like men. :dizzy_face:


I am not a native speaker of the English language. Perhaps I am not qualified to discuss this topic?


Doesn’t have to always be used in a negative context. ie. “That was the best fucking steak I’ve ever had!”

What does the “fucking” add to the statement, I wonder. To me it just reveals that the speaker likes to use coarse language. Wouldn’t he or she make the same point with a statement like “That was really the best steak I’ve ever had!”?


No you can’t. I was e e from 1999 to 2003 on these boards.

i don’t know why i was e e…for some reason i posted without caps or periods

i’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach 10,000 stars how not to dance


I hadn’t thought of that. Don’t sweat it. Dialogue is good.


deleted … not reading stuff.