Unwanted editing


My brother texts like that. Has big fucking manual labor thumbs.


OK, you asked for it. It’s Maya Angelou then.


Yeah, well since no one here would have read her, good luck with that.


I’d write like that, but if every sentence on internet were like that, it would be really boring.


And just imagine the waste of bandwidth. Router manufacturers would have to introduce hardware Huffman coding to compress ‘fuck’ into 1 bit. Otherwise the sheer volume of ‘fucks’ would interfere with everyone else’s ability to stream HD porn.


That’s kind of the whole point. I can get away with more poetic license.


If every sentence on internet were like this, it would be really annoying, though.


Nope, just wouldn’t have the same effect. If he or she said it that way, I’d be inclined to believe they have actually had better and was just being polite about a mediocre steak.


Fair point. How about: “That was most definitely, and without a shadow of a doubt, the best steak I’ve ever had in my entire life!” (And then the person thinks "Oh, how I would have loved to use the word ‘fucking’ in that statement. But I can’t, I simply can’t. I am too elitist for that.)

So, do you think that someone who is using the f-word is more likely to mean what he/she is saying?


Fuck yes!


Denotation and connotation. And moods. And pretending. And mocking. And empathizing. Modulating. That’s why we have so many adverbs and adjectives and expressions.


So over the top that I would KNOW they were not being truthful.

What @the_bear said. :wink:


Anyways, the point of the thread was abandoned long ago

I don’t give a bleeding monkey’s how you (you as in “one”, not you as in Joe Post-It) feel about profanity, nor should you about how I do
I’m certainly not going to go around telling people they should cuss more.

Furthermore, I wasn’t using it to make any kind of personal attack or demean anyone

BUT the major point is, if you’re going to have a site where cussing isn’t allowed, go nuts, there are lots of places like that
BUT then you better make it a rule
And IF the Stalinist thug who’s moderating gets to make up his or her own rules for the thread, well that’s a pretty fucked system
BUT considering the utterly prejudicial and personality-driven abuse the Badges already get away with, it’s not a big surprise
And if the Cossack is going to arbitrarily make up the rules as they go along, willy nilly, fine.
I’m under no illusions that this is any kind of a democracy, heaven knows.
BUT, and here’s where the thread title should give away the surprise,
Recourse should reasonably entail one of:

The Badge warning the poster
The Badge requesting that the poster edit the suddenly unallowed content
The Badge themselves excising the content
The Badge flaming the entire stinking post

Any of these, while not necessarily agreed with, are acceptable, and, have in fact been applied in the past

The POINT here is that the Badge going in and editing content, without consent or notification of the adulteration, is a pretty shit way to run the rodeo, and is, in fact, in direct contravention of the principles on which the site is ostensibly based.


Oi mate, do you have a licence for complaining? What you just wrote is basically hate speech in the UK, better watch it…


Agree with the fatty paranoid veteran who converted to some religion I can’t mention and who is friends with the fat lazy dude who drinks white russian.


What’s the post (or latest post) in question here?


th’ dude is not fat


He’s just strong.


There are Russian moderators? :open_mouth:

I would like to see the post that was moderated too.


What I saw were in this thread, and it seems someone moderated them again.

It was moderated like this.