Unwanted editing



and there was practically no limit to how deep they’d fucked with one and one’s livelihood.

was changed to

and there was practically no limit to how deep they’d :banana: with one and one’s livelihood.

That it?


mine too


Another example.


While I certainly don’t agree with attacking the moderator, the last four points are fairly reasonable.

The rule thing is always tricky. Well, not the rule, whatever it may be, itself, but the interpretation of it and the exceptions to it.

There will always be instances where users don’t agree with the actions of the moderators. Perhaps better communication between moderators and users is needed?


My reply to that specific post was also edited…then deleted completely.


Were you spreading hate?


Nope. It was something along the lines of “That’s fuct! Let’s test it…for science: fuck”.

Both iterations of “fuck/ed” were edited to :banana:, then the post just disappeared completely.


who is attacking the moderator? Someone posted this.


@Rocket continuing to call us commies and jack-booted thugs certainly isn’t a pat on the back.

@Rocket We go back a long way but I am growing weary of your continual characterization of us as Russian thugs. We all volunteer our time for a thankless job (well, @GooseEgg is often very appreciative). I don’t appreciate your tone at all. Do you want me to scroll right past all your sageness from here on in? Call us commies again.

I would take your feedback seriously, but it is falling on deaf ears now.


I’m not sure where is the line between being sarcastic and attacking.

you always say this, and I’m appreciating to your voluntary works, but we are not asking you to be moderators. It’s admin who should thank you.


I think most users of a site like this don’t realize how important moderators are in keeping a place like this running. I don’t think any moderator expects gratitude from the users, but no one wants to be called a Cossack (whatever that’s supposed to mean).

I personally would agree to stricter rules when it comes to certain forums that are serving as good sources for helpful information and are not meant as places for heated discussions. If those forums are as boring as f*ck, so be it. As the “badge” of the Travel Forums, I am certainly trying to keep those forums as clean as possible.


You sure you got the right @Rocket there, Jethro?
I never said squat about Russians or Communists.
I love Russians AND Communists.

As well, I’m not at all clear as to how volunteering precludes being a card-carrying, door-kicking-down, middle-of-the-night-throwing-on-the-train-to-Siberia totalitarian stooge. Pretty sure most of those guys don’t do it for the paycheque.

Finally, I don’t see anyplace where one refers to all Badges with that characterisation.
By one’s actions will they know one, I suppose…


A girl with attitude. I’m very proud of you :smiley:

Actually we have reasons for being thankful to them… but the problem is that we also have reasons for not being happy, not always.


We aren’t asking for your thanks. Speaking for myself, I am asking for respect. Having been thru the wars with plenty a past mod, I get how frustrating having posts removed and edited can be. I have changed my 'tude over the years, however.

I don’t mod anything unless it is hateful or spammy. Live and die by your words and if hoisting yourself on your own petard is your desire, heave(sic) at it.

We are so lucky to have a great bunch of mods now. The site is so much more accessible than it was in the heady days of the noughties.

All I am saying is, repeated characterizations of us as storm troopers, or cossacks or nazis or any other such nomenclature pushes you onto my short bus. I ignore people on my short bus.


What da fuck is a short bus?


Well, this

but I have no idea at all how it applies here, unless it’s meant to imply that the subjects are mentally challenged, which hardly seems appropriate.


you are not getting the point. It is no problem certain forums havs no fuck, shit, anything else rule. The problem is the words are replaced by :banana: without any notice on the forum top or pre-warning by mod.


Apologies, “short bus” is a personal term I use to describe people I don’t want in my life.


I do get the point. I know that Rocket and other posters did not like the bananafication of their posts.

But there was also a call for clearer rules, and I am for having clearer rules, if that helps posters to understand better what is acceptable and what not. Stricter rules for certain forums was just an idea that floated in my brain space.


I have to give Toe credit. When I was banned to Siberia decades ago on Forumosa for referencing the Dirty Sanchez (which has since been referencing multiple times on the site in the years after with no similar ban or even suspension), he questioned the severity of the banning. It is a pretty fair site. :2cents: