Unwanted editing


Yeah, if a mod really wants a clean forum, then put a sticky at the top of the page. But there’d better be a good reason; i.e. the forum in question is referenced a lot by the community as a whole.

It’s not OK for a mod to just say, “I don’t like swear words so fuck off if y’all gonna cuss in my forum.”


You should be re-banned for making me Google Dirty Sanchez… :persevere:


What has @tempogain to say about this? and @GooseEgg? I don’t think that mods can do whatever they want with othrer posters’ posts. I understand that they delegate the job on these other guys, and give them some allowance for applying their criteria, but there should be some limits to that.


They can do whatever they want. At least in their own forum. That is Formosa.com’s rule.


Says who?


It’s in the rules. The mods have final call on what posts stay in their forums. Which kind of makes them content curators rather than mods.


“we reserve the right to suspend anyone for any reason, and to delete, edit, rename, or move any post for any reason”


They need to define that a bit better. Who is “we” and who has the final word? can we appeal to the admin if we don’t agree with the moderator?

TBH, we are overcomplicating things, this is not all that serious, and the administration should be a bit more flexible.


Administration is super-flexible.


Under the same rules:

A moderator-friendly website. We think of Forumosa as a “Moderator’s Forum”. The rules are designed to help the moderators moderate the forums. Decisions about content are ultimately made by that forum’s moderator(s), who have paramount authority in their respective forums. If you wish to appeal a decision, you may email admin (at) forumosa.com or leave us a Google Voice message at +1 (413) 248-7743 – and the admins may then choose to raise the matter with the respective moderator. However, there is no guarantee that the moderator will change their decision, and the admins are unlikely to overturn a moderator decision, except under the most extreme circumstances.


I want to do that. How on Earth can I leave a “google voice message”?


IMO, the post deserved to be deleted…


Oh god no. You’ll just be voice messaging Mr TG…:rofl:


I wish I could be voice messaging Mr T…







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To clarify, when a mod edits a post, other users looking at said post won’t be able to tell that a mod has edited its contents?


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I’m not sure, but I think it depends on mods. Some people add something like edited by mod, others don’t.