Unwanted editing


Savage! :eek:

Why do you think it deserved to be deleted??


Ah, those two are very different. Thanks for the clarification. Looks like your two rats are filming a porno as we speak.


Let them enjoy a bit.


Of course. I’m enjoying it too.


Hmmpfff hmffff lick


it was completely off-topic and added no info on the topic of the thread.


Yes, that would be the way I do it, plus a PM to tell the poster why the decision was made, citing forum rules etc., time and energy allowing. That’s the ideal scenario, though. Other moderators who take care of busier forums where more questionable content is being posted on a regular basis might simply not have the time and energy to explain every decision.


Just writing down no fuck, no shit on the forum top would be much easier than replacing them with :banana: every time.


It was a direct reply to a comment in said thread and helped to test/uncover the unannounced editing.

Also, those off-topic comments were moved to a separate thread (as always is the case when threads inevitably go off topic)…except my deleted comment. It even had a like or two.


Nah, I lost one too plus I got an email saying it’d been flagged as offensive by multiple members of the community…and all I was doing was querying that shit was a no-go word in the forum…


I might have liked it.


I find it quite strange mods will edit a post and not leave a note to say that it has been edited (with or without reason).


I just got an email that said it was edited, then one that said it was moved, but it could not be found in either the original thread nor the temped.


Yet at the same time believe it should have been deleted?


Deserve may not be a right word, but I see no problem it was deleted. If the previous comment had been deleted, I would see no problem too, because it added no info. To be edited without any note is problematic, imo.


Fair enough, but if we start deleting comments which “added no info”, the mods will be doing nothing but deleting posts for quite some time!


After a 156-response (so far) thread with people mostly complaining about how a single word got edited by a mod? You really can’t see why a mod might not send a PM after doing that?

This is not a public utility. It’s a privately run Internet forum. The mod is following the rules as stated. Why would he want to get into a shouting match by PM with a pissed-off poster, when 99% of the time no one’s mind is going to be changed? Might as well get into a Facebook argument about Trump for all the good it would do.


you are not getting the point. We are not complaining a mod doesn’t send a PM, but a mod edits a post and readers cannot know the post has been edited by a mod.

The rules are mods can do anything. If the rule of Legal forum that fuck is replaced by :banana: were stated, we didn’t need this thread.


This has looooong been a flob-problem. How can posters learn the boundaries if there are no heads on spikes? How can Mods make a forum his or her own without being threatened with Orwellian hyperbole?

Can a mod create a “safe space forum?” No cussing? Sure, but it seems like a lot of work on a site like this where posters tend to write as they speak. And if a poster can cuss on one forum and not in another, by doing it repeatedly in the non-cussing forum, would he or she be banned from the site or just that non cussing forum for repeatedly butting heads with the mod??

I don’t like semi-colons. In my forum I will replace them with :poop:. I mean, just use a period you lazy :banana::poop:however, that does not diminish the intrinsic value of semi-colons in general. I just don’t like them.

My recollection of what happens in these kinds of feedback threads is that they go for a while, everyone digs in and falls asleep and then admin disappears the whole thing. Then anyone who starts a new FB thread about the missing thread gets banned. lol That still happen? :ponder:


You certainly kept the Spoons and Falun Dafa ones going :smiley:
Oh wait, that was me, sorry :blush: