Unwanted editing


Mine were about the UNFAIRNESS of it all man. lol

I think the last thing I screamed at Gus was PUT IT BACK!

Then it all went away…so far away. :oops:


I don’t really have anything against mods editing people’s posts for whatever purpose they feel that keeps posters in check and help maintain forum integrity, I only find it strange that the mods don’t leave a note to say that the post has been edited as I have witnessed in other ‘privately run’ Internet forums. I don’t think I visit any non-privately run forums ever.

Seem everyone can be happier if:

  1. Mods ask poster to edit their own posts for whatever reason and if they decline or take too long to respond, then
  2. Mods edit the post themselves and leave a note (with or without reason, but just say that its been edited).

For those unsalvageable posts, just delete/move as normal.

Just my 2c.

Edit: I’m not sure if you’re replying to the right person btw, I didn’t say anything about a shouting match or otherwise.


Liub was saying the mod didn’t send a PM.


First of all, Rocky, what do you have against Cossacks?

By the 18th century Cossack hosts in the Russian Empire occupied effective buffer zones on its borders. The expansionist ambitions of the Empire relied on ensuring the loyalty of Cossacks, which caused tension given their traditional exercise of freedom, democracy, self-rule, and independence. Cossacks such as Stenka Razin, Kondraty Bulavin, Ivan Mazepa and Yemelyan Pugachev led major anti-imperial wars and revolutions in the Empire in order to abolish slavery and odious bureaucracy and to maintain independence.

They even put down pogroms!


Covfefe is a tough act to follow. :idunno:

Emojification had also been applied in the past, at least in Legal. You hadn’t noticed?

The “flagged by the community” type message is an automatic notice you receive when we delete via flagging instead of via conventional deletion or moving a post. We’re looking into changing the message.

If your post is edited, it will show up in your notifications.

I usually do. I didn’t think it was necessary this time around, as I had already been emojifying posts for a while, and anyone who knows Rocky knows that he would NEVER write like a “:banana:ing 12-year-old girl” on LINE. :girl: :unicorn: :fairy: :star2: :exploding_head:


I didn’t know emojifying was applied for a while. When did you start it? Within past 4 weeks? Whenever I saw edited posts by you, I must have thought posters of the edited posts used the :banana:. And, not everyone knows @Rocket.

I think it was not @Liub.


Please show me where the rules state a mod can replace posted text with emoticons…

I’ve been posting here longer than most everyone. I’ve never had a shit replaced with a (can’t actually find the emoticon). It’s juvenile. And then when I queried what had happened my post was vaporized.

Sorry but it’s a bit heavy handed. So, once again, if mods want their own forums to be clean put it in a sticky. The forum rules clearly state the site has no problem with swearing so long as it is not egregious.


In the first paragraph of forum rules.


OK, OK, but I mean, replacing text with emoticons? Not even the Nazis did that…


This could get old fast.


Kind of my point. I’ll take a dogshit over yyy’s double dogshit emoticon any day…


fiexd it for you


It seems like common sense that most people would rather see the word “shit” than have to look at a steaming pile. Or not…


Finally…it took a cow to get to the root of the problem.


It can be :cow2::poop:.




Cow patties are much less offensive. You can even use them as frisbees.


Hint: it starts with a P.

It’s juvenile. And then when I queried what had happened my post was vaporized.

Your query wasn’t juvenile? You notice that your coarse language is being censored, so you query the censorship by swearing again, and the zapping of the post is a war crime? :violin:


Just a side note. Would be interesting to see how old every poster (and moderator) is, to put posts in perspective.

Probably a lot of problems and misunderstandings online have to do with the anonymity of people posting.

In real life, to hazard a wild guess, probably half of the people communicating anonymously online would not do so if they knew the person on the other end.


Or in yyynese: :banana: you, you :banana:ing :banana:s


It’s called ironic bravado.