Unwanted multiple "start navigation" clicks using IE

just recently along with the massive drop in speed on forumosa, I’ve noticed that on any page just after loading completely, it will suddenly of it’s own accord make 2 or 3 “clicks” ie. the standard IE “start navigation” click… it’s not loading anything visible, it’s not opening any other page, it’s just clicking… sometimes does it afer the page has been open and fully loaded for several minutes…

apart from being incredibly irritating it seems to have no other ill effects… although I can’t help speculating wildy that it may somehow be linked to all the recent classified additions, new advertising everywhere, forumosafriends etc. etc. and crucially the recent marked slow down?.. is this recent slew of “bolt on” additions to forumosa dragging down the ship?..

anyone else got this?.. :idunno: