Up-down, random net connection

I get the internet provided as part of my rent. It works fine, when it works, but will inexplicably cease working for random, exteneded and frequent amounts of time. During these down-times there is connection with the server just no access to the internet beyond. Any ideas what is happening here?

It has been suggested that the connection is being cut off by the ISP because I am using to much bandwidth. It is true that I am usually downloading via bittorrent.

Does anyone know what can be done?

Nah, sounds like a load of tosh. Some landlords do share the connection between multiple tennants though and this might be causing some problems. I had random problems in my old place as the tight landlord was doing just this…
Go talk to your landlord and tell him/her it’s not working properly and ask them to sort it out.

thanks for the advice.

It’s wierd though. I’m starting to experiment with pausing my downloads when the connection drops. I did just that and it came back on. Could be a coincidnece, of course.

I did have a chat with the landlord about it, but I’m not sure what he said!

Will get a colleuge to see if they can make sense of it!

Darn anoying though. Can’t believe I’ve put up with it for so long, to be honest.

The internet can get flaky here during certain times of the day, but nothing like what you’re talking about. There might be some other kind of problem, but I really don’t think that CHT is doing something to your connection as I’m quite a heavy downloader and haven’t experienced anything of the kind you’re talking about and I have friends here that download even more than me and not a peep from CHT. One friend even downloaded something silly like 7GB on his HSDPA connection one month to see if it really was unlimited and he wasn’t charged any extra for it.


Pretty much as soon as I start Azureus, my connection goes down. I stop it and it’s soon up again. I can get the odd file with limewire ok, but that seems to be it. Maybe they are capping my/our uploads?

Wow you guys must be moving some huge files around. I bet you are big time web masters or video editors or something?


I stopped using Azureus after their last upgrade as it just didn’t work and seemed to hog most of my bandwith. :liar: Try Transmission. And for the love of Odin, thou shalt not use such clandestine means to steal copyrighted works of media for personal or public use!! That’s just wrong. :no-no: :liar:

Can I suggest trying micro torrent instead?
Or find a client that uses encryption so your provider can’t see what you’re downloading.

[quote=“TheLostSwede”]Can I suggest trying micro torrent instead?
Or find a client that uses encryption so your provider can’t see what you’re downloading.[/quote]

That sounds good. Which ones offer encryption? Will check out utorrent as well.

I use Azureus/Vuze as well. I know a lot of people complain because it’s a fairly bloated app, but I guess I’m too lazy to change. Plus, I like that they distribute original content on there. Saw an awesome video on there about war-spying or spyboxing on unencrypted wireless network cameras.

micro torrent used to, not sure why it doesn’t offer it any more.
bitcomet is meant to do it and so is azureus
some info about it here -http://torrentfreak.com/how-to-encrypt-bittorrent-traffic/

I use Utorrent from time to time and when it’s running, webpages usually take longer to open than when it’s not running. I don’t download all that much so it doesn’t bother me - I just do any downloading when I’m not home or while I’m sleeping. May not work for frequent torrent users though.

Odd, I use it too and haven’t had any problems like that, maybe you don’t have a very fast internet connection or?