Up for fantasy pool for WC?

alright - yahoo has tricked me into another pool. i can’t help myself - it’s once every four years.

go here:


get yourself a name and a side. join the private group:

He-Titties FC



and let’s get it on!

you’ll need the group number as well:

24745 should work.

I’m in!

Picked my players now I’m just going through day by day to set the lineups. This should be fun!

great - we’ve got 7 or so thus far.

all welcome.

I’m in! Fear the Hill.

we’ve got about 10 teams - still room for a few more if you wish to get in.

see first two posts above for details …

I’ve been having bad luck picking my captains, ah well I’m still in the hunt.

i can’t think straight, cause i’m too busy fearing the hill (with 0 points and an unpicked team) … :laughing: :wink: