Up to date Taipei Pub & Club Guide?

There’s here geocities.com/TheTropics/Cab … page3.html

but it hasn’t been updated since 1999.

Then there’s here


but the Taipei Stalker hasn’t been updated since 2002.

Knowing how fast establishments come and go in Taiwan, I’m looking for a guide that’s a little more up to date. Everything completely changes in a year’s time here. So - as July 2003, anyone have any recommendations of where to go and where to avoid? I’m not that familiar with the city and its neighborhoods. I know there’s “the Zone”, Shida, and Tienmu - those seem to be the big pub districts. It’s about a year since the last time I was up that way, and I was thinking of taking a weekend up there sometime soon. I’m totally unfamiliar with the club scene - where’s a decent place to dance the night away with cute xiaojies?

I haven’t been in Taipei long but here are some of my favorites.

TU (if your a foreigner ask for a VIP card )
Plush/ Room 18 (pretty much the same club to me both are little expensive but more upscale crowd)
B1 (only really enjoyable if your smashed but I still like it)
Saloon (not a dance club but they play good music)
2nd Floor (recommended your into techno)
Bien ( not a dance club but they have cheap drink specials on Sat)

Anything for the Hsinchu area? Are technoclubs big in there?

The best techno club is in my head