Upcoming a New Musical Play with Nanguan & Beiguan. Get cheaper ticket before Sept. 30th.

Isle of Dreams

-Poetry & Puppetry & Musical

[Date] 19:30, Npv.18th-19th, 2016
14:30, Npv.19th-20th, 2016
[Venue] New Taipei City Arts Center ( No.62, Zhuangjing Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City. The nearest metro station is MRT Jiangzicui)
[Language] A new language composed of Minnan, Hakka, Suzhou and Cantonese dialects , with English subtitles
[Ticket Prices] NT$700, 1000, 1500, 1800, 2000 (25% discount before Sept. 30th)
[Online Ticket Shop] https://goo.gl/CtesBT or send your oder request to laciemaxmind@gmail.com

After the world came into being, the Kun-lun Gods waged a bloody war in pursuit of the divine throne. Nuwa and Fuxi, two of the Ancient Imperial Gods, became fed up with the cruelty, avarice and selfishness of the gods, and decided to replace the gods with mankind. They set up base in a small island in the East Sea, far far away from Kun-lun, and began putting their plans in motion.

Xing-tian, the god of war, who was beheaded during the war of the gods, was summoned to the Garden by the deities on the Isle of Ghosts. Here, Xing-tian was entrusted with the mission of retrieving the key to the garden and thereby averting the impending destruction of the world. At the same time, unintentionally, Xing-tian also became the central part of Nuwa and Fuxi’s plan. Xing-tian returned to the vast world where the gods roam, only to discover that the gods have become countless reanimated god-corpses, and the vast world would soon regress back to the lifeless primordial world of ancient times. Mud Spirit of the Isle of Ghosts secretly lent a hand to Xing-tian, helping him recognize his own identity in order to shoulder the responsibility of saving the world. Will Xing-tian succeed in his mission? The key lies in retrieving the Heart of the Island.

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