Upcoming Concerts 2010

[quote=“Icon”][quote=“cfimages”][quote=“WaltzingMatilda”]ERA Ticket’s March brochure has info on the following:

Deep Purple
5/8 @ Nangang Exhibition Hall


Wow, had no idea they were still around. That might actually be kinda cool.[/quote]

Publicity already out on TV!!!

I just can’t imagine this drawing a big crowd…I mean apart from Smoke on the you-know-what…who in Taiwan would know their songs?

800 to 4000 nts per ticket. Quite reasonable. But the TWTC Nangang?! Are they kidding me?![/quote]

Well, the 4000 nts rows are already booked, while the 800 is wide open…

Smoke… is my “answer” tone - meaning you call me and you get that instead of a beep beep. :smiley:

Saw them '85 in Montreal on the Perfect Strangers tour. They rocked loud! John Lord and Ritchie Blackmore did an organ/guitar thing for a good ten minutes that blew everyone away. Too bad I can’t make it to this one…

You can get tickets for Tears for Fears and Kelly Clarkson from Islandjam Tickets, all the tickets are will call so you just fill out the form that you download and pay at the bank. Pick up your tickets at the door of the concert.

I am not sure if i want to see Kelly but maybe Tears for Fears.

Paranoid it will be !!

Anyway, I am preparing. Where’s my old ,with iron nails infested jeans jacket wife

I would have loved to have seen the Perfect Strangers tour. Absolutely loved that album. Unfortunately Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore are not part of this tour coming to Taiwan. The three other members of what’s called the classic DP lineup are though, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, and Ian Paice. Steve Morse will be the guitarist, he’s filled in before. I forget who is playing keyboards.

You can get discounts to Deep Purple if you search Deep Purple Taiwan on you Facebook.

A little bit of cross promotion between PeaceFest and Da Da Arts:)


Most of you probably aren’t interested, but Pitbull is here tonight.

Did I just see the Pet Shop Boys coming to Taiwan? Seems there is going to be some kind of event, Twinkle Rock Festival -who got that name?- and they’ll be there.

Seriously, Twinkle. :s :no-no:


July 29th, at Nankang Exhibition Hall.

Apparently Massive Attack are coming.

Did that also say Stone Roses?

I saw a Natalie Coleman poster yesterday, but missed the dates so son’t know if it’s an old concert or an upcoming one. Looked new.

Okay just found this

It’s Ian Brown from the Stone Roses. He’ll be here on July 30th.

So far, that event is:
Kula Shaker on the 27th (Legacy).
Massive Attack on the 28th (Nangang).
Pet Shop Boys on the 29th (Nangang).
And Ian Brown on the 30th (Legacy).

Broken Social Scene is also at Legacy on the 25th.

Divea is right: Natalie Cole is here June 16th.

Lastly, Luxy is bringing Usher to Nangang on July 4th.

Great to see so many things going on in the music scene lately and some promoters that seem committed to getting international acts over.

You can get tickets for Massive Attack and Pet Shop Boys from Islandjam Tickets at a 10% discount. Islandjam Ticket Outlet are at Toasteria(all branches), Sababa, Kooks in Danshui and a few other places.

Ho hai Yan festival is this weekend ! from friday tp sunday, tons of bands, beach, beer and taimei…


What bands? I couldn’t make heads nor tails out of that crap website.

how much are massive attack tickets?

That was last year.

Yeah - sorry about that, UhdL. I’m re-labeling the thread to avoid consusion. The 2011 thread is [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/upcoming-concerts-2011/62418/1