Upcoming Holiday on Monday question

Is it one of those stupid ones where you need to make it up on a Saturday thus sucking all the fun out the day off?

I’m alone in office today, so got noone to ask. Because if so, I book the Saturday off.

No need


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Not aware the holiday is 10/10? A Monday.

For your personal future reference, working on a Saturday usually comes when there’s a four day weekend because a holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday and therefore they “give” everyone an “extra” day off (Friday/Monday), which everyone “gets to” “make up” by working on a Saturday


Enjoy. Next year we have like 3 make up Saturdays we gotta work, first one being January 7. But we are done for this year.

It’s 6 Saturdays. My mistake. Paisei.

Well that sucks. And I’ve booked off most of January to go back to England, so I doubt I can get the time off for that one.

I will just have to have a day at work doing absolutely fuck all out of principle.

Actually, went back to the old calendar… it’s 6 make up Saturdays they expect us to work next year. :noway: