Upcoming university visits

The following people are visiting Taiwan shortly to interview prospective students:

Salford University - Cameron Allen/Huw Jarvis: April 23rd, 11am-2pm (All Areas)
Winchester School of Art - Dr. Marko Daniel: April 26th, 4-7pm (Art & Design)
Essex University - John Oliver: May 20th, 1-6pm (All Areas)
Greenwich University - Hersha Pandya: May 28th, 11am-2pm (All Areas)

Winchester is a very nice town, one of the old capitals of England. It will feel as taken back to the medieval times and besides a very well-known cathedral I bet there are more old churches than there are regular dwellings. In addition to the School of Art mentioned in this thread there is also England’s maybe top boarding school college and a few other minor unis there which also gives the town a certain “feel”.
The nature is marvelous with access to many good trekking routes in the wildlife protected areas of Hamsphire. The people are generally very friendly and the town has some really authentic pubs. If your looking for a partying place this is not the place for you, but if you want an experience of what “real” England is (as opposed to London) this is a good choise.


PS Avoid a fairly large landlord named Bakhaty who cheats people on their deposits.