Update ARC with new resident address

I live with my girlfriend but she is the one who signs the rental contract. So if I want to update my resident address on ARC, what documents I need to prepare?
Thanks a lot.

Any utility or phone bill in your name would work.

A copy of the rental agreement and a letter written by your girlfriend to confirm that you live at this address.

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Can you elaborate?

What is the format of the letter of confirmation? Like what specifically she need to write down? Does she need to include her photocopy of her ARC or only write confirmation and signs? Thanks

You need an official document with your name and address. A utility or telephone bill is acceptable as a proof of address.

But as I aforementioned, I didn’t sign the contract. So I can’t just give the documents which not signed by under my name.

I’d give them a call and ask

Information For Foreigners In Taiwan: Domestic 0800-024-111, Overseas 886-800-024-111. The office hours of the NIA’s service centers nationwide: 08:00 a.m.-17:00 p.m. through the lunch hour from Monday to Friday.)


I’ve done this a couple of times. It just needs to be written in a formal style. Yes, it should include her ID/ARC number and formal signature/chop.

It’s pretty straightforward, nothing to sweat about :slight_smile:


Could be:
“My name is: …, ARC number: …
I hereby confirm that Mr. (name) stay with me”. Sounds weird…

I would if I could. But no phone allowed during working hours at my company.

Yes, it would be fine. The key thing is that even though everything is computerized these days, government officials always need a piece of paper to file.

When you first applied for an ARC, no one asked for proof of accommodation. It’s only important if you change address because they need that piece of paper for their files.

So don’t worry too much. They’re not trying to trip you up or give you hassle. They’re pretty friendly and helpful these days.


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You didn’t even sign the contract for your cell phone???

I bought prepaid sim card…

If he had a contract, it would have been signed at his old address. If he had utility bills in his name, it would be for his old address.

To change the address for your bills, bank cards etc you need to use your ARC.

But if your ARC doesn’t have your new address, you can’t change the address on your bills.

You see the problem???

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