Updated pool info? Near Muzha/NCCU?

Hey all ~ wondering if anybody has any current info about good swimming pools or adult competitive swimming near Cheng-Da or TLI (existing threads are circa '04-'06).

Not looking to be a gym rat so I don’t want to shell out for a long-term membership, but hoping to find a decent 25m or 50m pool w/predictable afternoon/evening lap-lane hours & that won’t cost a ton to use or be a hassle to find.

I assume there are at LEAST a dozen cheap places within minutes of an MRT that aren’t jammed w/screaming kids or aerobicizing biddies? Hmm? :pray:

…out of curiosity, anything unique to know about pool etiquette in Taiwan? For example, when I was in Japan everybody HAD to wear a cap in the pool (I know my “excessive” western body hair gave them fits…). In Europe you HAD to wear a Speedo in some places; and for some reason the old German ladies apparently didn’t understand the purpose of the black lines on the pool floor, nor my frustrated bubbly grumbling: “get out of the way! Why are you meandering diagonally across the entire pool?!?” … a complicated concept like circle swimming or splitting the lane was too much to ask…


As an update in case anybody else is interested (which I doubt, or maybe there would’ve been a reply to my initial post):

  • For some bizarre reason, as in Japan, speedos or bike-short style tight-legged swimwear is mandatory at many pools. Board shorts are not allowed. I don’t know why.

  • Swimming caps are also required, apparently to keep hair out of the pool. Apparently they don’t take body hair into consideration? Many people also seem to wear them sideways, presumably because they don’t know any better (the crease should split your head left & right, not front & back)

  • Non-student/faculty public costs at Tai-Da are ridiculously expensive. Probably true for other places too, but haven’t yet checked.

  • Do not buy swimsuits at the pool itself, because they sell name brands like Speedo or Arena at 3 times the going rate in the U.S. or Europe. If you’re a brand snob, it’s cheaper to order 5 off Amazon & pay the ridiculous shipping costs. There are some small sports shops on Shi-Da road that sell much cheaper suits, and they’re on sale in the fall/winter.

  • Afternoons are crowded, and although people seem to enjoy swimming, again much like Japan, very few seem to be particularly good at it. If you’re a serious swimmer, try going in the mornings or later in the evening.