Upgraded from iPhone 3GS to a Samsung Galaxy S3

I’m loving Android. I also installed the Jelly Bean upgrade and it’s working fine.

Now the only thing pissing me off it’s that, somehow, I can’t change the sorting option for my contacts. I have scrolled down on the option menu > settings, and there’s no such option. Did someone have the same problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Same problem here on a Galaxy Note 2 (the ROMs are very similar).

You might need to root the phone and install a custom ROM for that. Which is something you should do anyways :wink:

I can do it. Settings -> list by

running 4.1.2 though, however that option should be present in your version as well.

[quote=“noamchomsky”]I can do it. Settings -> list by

running 4.1.2 though, however that option should be present in your version as well.[/quote]

Did you flash the Polish version? AFAIK it is still up to 4.1.1 in Taiwan and the local ROM for some reason does not have the option of sorting contacts by last name yet.

I thought about installing a custom ROM… but then, I think I’ll wait for the “Ubuntu on Android” version… It should work fine in a Galaxy SIII.

What concerns me now is the battery life… It gets sucked very quickly. Too fast, even when I’m in “power saving” mode, the screen brightness set almost to minimum and with an app killer closing the apps I’m not using.

Any suggestions, besides buying a bigger compatible battery and making the swap?

Once you know what’s draining your battery, you can find a better way to attack it.

I would recommend using the BetterBatteryStats app. This will tell you exactly what is using your battery.
Find it in the Play Store if you want to donate to the developer or get it for free here:
forum.xda-developers.com/showthr … ?t=1179809

Thanks, I’m looking into it. It seems that part of the problems come from the automatic transfer data that happens when connected to a Wi-Fi, updating apps, checking e-mails, etc… I still have to do some tweaks.

Recently I downloaded a really good ebook reader app for the phone, Cool Reader (reads everrything except for PDF files). It’s great, but I think it should be optimized in the battery-squeezing department… It’s great, specially in night mode (black background with white letters, VERY useful and easy on the eyes)