Upgrading from 2nd class ARC to 1st class ROC ID?

After residing in Taiwan 1 year with an ARC(blood lineage), I now have the option to register my name under my parents’ “hu-ji” but there are some issues that I need to be aware of.

I would want to leave every 4 months, but is it true that I would still need to get a permit stamp from the immigration office every time I want to leave the country?

If this is the case, I wouldn’t want to get my ROC ID then. I don’t like the possibility of them saying “No. You cannot leave anymore.” Which would force me to overstay and get conscripted.

Maybe a safer way would be just to continue being a 2nd class citizenship and extend ARC indefinitely or use the US Passport/ROC Visa combo indefinitely.

Any suggestions?

2nd class citizen? What does this mean?

Under the ROC Constitution, all citizens are “equal.”

If any government officials are telling you otherwise, you should show them a copy of the ROC Constitution.

[I hope that this message clears up any confusion you may have had about constitutional law in the ROC.]