Upgrading headlights on Sym Duke

What would be the best way to upgrade headlights output on my 1996 Sym Duke?
I see Osram bulbs on Ruten 35/35W. http://goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21006011763052
Will this do? Or these bulbs will not be direct replacement of my OEM 18/18W?
Or I need to change headlights housing with newer clear type of glass?

I live in rural area, and stock lights are not enough.

Be very wary of increasing bulb wattage in plastic headlamps, they melt. Your problem is that the reflectors and lenses are just badly designed and there isn’t anything you can do about that. If the lens is now matte from being blasted with road dirt, there are products with which you can polish them clear again. That will probably be the best you can do without setting fire to something.

Add an extra lamp (bolt one onto your handlebars, frame, whatever). Use fat wires and a separate switch you can reach from the handlebars, and run it directly from the battery. Do not overload your original headlamp circuit.

would 35/35W will melt my plastic lenses?

  • That what I thinking to do beside upgrading my headlights.
    Just directly install fog/driving light on the place of front basket that use to be attached there.
    Good tip irodacus about running upgraded harness. I did it to my T4 and does made a difference.

Its good enough to discolour them quickly at least. Its also good enough to cause problems with your stock wiring loom and bulb connections.

Thanks for advice.

What would be the fog/driving light in chinese so I can look up on ruten or yahoo?

[quote=“feropont”]Thanks for advice.

What would be the fog/driving light in Chinese so I can look up on ruten or yahoo?[/quote]

tw.search.bid.yahoo.com/search/a … 5&ei=UTF-8
search.ruten.com.tw/search/s000. … 6A%B7j%B4M

Make sure and buy a relay, some 10ga wire and check the thread on horns (Beavis and Butthead electrical lesson) for tips on install.