Upholsterer in Taipei?

we would like to pep up our almost 10 years old sofa and armchair. Does anybody know a good and not too expensive upholsterer in Taipei???
Thank you!

What’s the street that everyone calls furniture alley? I’m drawing a blank on the name, but it’s the first street south of Hsin-Yi, between An-Ho and Guang-Fu. The whole stretch is lined with furniture shops. A friend had his sofa designed from scratch, just took in a photo of what he wanted and presto. I’m sure any one of those shops would be able to do it for you.

Thanks citizen k! We will give it a try, although it seems to be a little bit too far away from us, we are in Tianmu and I was hoping that there might be an upholsterer somewhere in the Shilin area (sorry, I did not say so in my post…) otherwise transportation might be a problem?

There has been an upholsterer near the intersection of Hsinhai Road and Taishun St. for many years. He has a dog that’s usually tied outside (not an aggressive one though). If you’re heading south (towards Roosevelt) on Hsinhai, pass the intersection with Hsinsheng S. Road and Taishun St. will be on your right. There is (was as of 9 months ago at least) a juice/fruit stand on the corner where you want to turn in. The shop would be on the left-hand side, not very far up. This is all if memory serves but I’m pretty sure.

They can do it at the fabric market in the Di Hua St. area, if you can take off the old one. I mean if it was a slip on style.

There’s an upholsterer on the west side of Fuxing S. Rd., at the corner of the alley just south of the Civic Boulevard intersection. I have no idea of their quality or price; I just pass them every day on the way to and from work.