UPS and surge protectors

I have been without power for about a week here at my entropic web empire HQ and am wondering if there is something I should be doing to protect my gear from this crap houses’ electrical wiring. This is brought on by the look of horror on the electrician/plumbers face, who was sent to fix the problem, when he saw all the computer gear set-up in my office.

You wouldn’t believe the wiring here (well you might) - no fuse boxes just a bunch of levers with open electrical wires hidden away under the steps.

Should I purchase some kind of “regulator” or surge protector? What should I buy and at what cost? Or just give up and move to house that has electrical system that wasn’t created in the 19th century.

I would go and by a UPS, the small ones is good for 2-3 computers, and that would be a good start to be more on the safe side.
You can find them at NOVA for around 1000 NT.

As far as I know surge protectors won’t work properly without a good earth.

Might as well plug the computer into your rectum then. See this thread.

Might as well plug the computer into your rectum then. See this thread.[/quote]

I posted a photo of the switch box in that thread. I get the feeling there is little I can do but hope for “good luck”. My address is a good number 66 6 so perhaps that will help.

Computer magazines review surge protectors & power supplies etc. They
vary in quality.
“Dont use computers, telephones, during storms.” Unplug the pc.
Try that Edison thingie,
a…battery power supply.

A good protection requires 3 stages - one for lightning protection (LP), typically fitted into the main distribution box, one for overvoltage protection (OVP, depending on the type they can be fitted with the LP devices in the main distribution) and equipment protection. The latter are those that are built into multiple outlet strips or plug between the equipment & wall outlet which you can buy at electrical stores, B&Q etc.

Without the first two stages you won’t have protection against lightning strikes via the AC supply and without the 2nd stage (OVP) the plug-in types become less effective. Installing the LP / OVP protection devices is more difficult for an existing installation (as opposed to building a new house), not to mention they aren’t cheap (~20k plus installation).
In any case you require proper grounding and protective earth (PE) in your main distribution & wall outlets.

Note though that nothing will give you a 100% protection or guarantee.

I bought a larger UPS…it has a light on the back that tells you if your wall socket it good or not…none of mine are good. Carried it around the house and all my sockets give unstable current. But as my computer is problem free…I’m guessing the UPS works as a buffer for most of the problem. If you have a computer get a UPS…or expect your mobo, ram,…etc…to fry occasionally (that’s what happened to me before getting the UPS).

I recently found this site 11 Myths of Surge Protection