Upscale / fancy restaurant in Taichung?

Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant in Taichung? Our anniversary is coming up next month and it will be the first time we’re celebrating outside of the US, so I would love to find a special restaurant where my husband and I can have a nice dinner and celebrate. We’re both pretty young, and we both love wine. Perhaps a wine bar somewhere? Kinda dressy? Any type of food is fine … we like all kinds of cuisines (although I’m not really a fan of Taiwanese food). I’ve only been here a month, so I have no idea where to look. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I figure I might as well ask this too … does anyone know of a good English-speaking hair stylist in Taichung? And where to find some Greek yogurt?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Chungle! :laughing:

Try looking up the following:

Ruth’s Steakhouse
Gordon Biersch

I grew up in the US, so I’ve been to Ruth’s Chris and Gordon Biersch already. I’ll have to check out Smooth. Thanks!

If you don’t want American, you can try the In Restaurant at the top of the Hotel One. Should have great views of the city with a variety of Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisine.

It depends what your definition of up-scale is. Papa Mia, across from the Tempus Hotel on Dong Xing Rd., is an Italian restaurant that has freshly made pasta and a good steak. It’s small and slightly compact, though. We haven’t been there for quite a while, so I can’t comment on how it is now.

There’s a French restaurant very close to there as well called Gulu’s House. The chicken leg with Ratatouille is not bad, as is their French Onion Soup and Crème brûlée.

I don’t know about the wines at either place.

Looks like a great place, and the prices are reasonable too! Thanks so much for this, I think I’ve found the one! Although, other suggestions would still be very welcome!

There is a restaurant on Gongyi road called “thai work”. It has great food and a really romantic and upscale atmosphere. It has an underground parking lot, and you walk up the stairs into the middle of a moonlit pond. This website is in Chinese, but it will at least show you the address and location. I think the atmosphere will be great for a romantic anniversary.

Ahhh I know exactly where it is, we’ve passed there a few times! My husband loves Thai food … this place is a great idea. Thank you!

Just to clear up Hotel One restaurants. IN is on the 28th floor and offers the food mentioned by the OP. Top Of One is at the top, romantic with quality food. Probably looking at around 4000 for 2 people to dine at this place, with some wine. It could easily be more though. Thai Work has a lovely ambiance, and below average food.

When we’re in Taichung for the evening, we often go to Smooth. Heinrich (the proprietor) and his wife are always courteous and serve up some very good food in an upscale atmosphere.

If you want really fancy, there is a beautiful French restaurant called Le Mout. It is on a nice up-scale restaurant street called Cúnzhōng Street.

Their website is:

It is much nicer than Smooth or others, but can be costly…

No. 59, Cúnzhōng Street, West District
Taichung City, Taiwan 403

Also for a fun night out, there is an upscale teppanyaki on Taizhong Gang Road or another on WenShin called Cha Mo Nix.
When my brother and his wife came out, we went there. They loved it. It works out to about 1200 per person with a big dinner and tasty dessert. The service and environment are very nice…
197 Taizhong Gang Road, Section 1 (Near Science Museum)

506 WenShin Road Section 3