Ural Forest Pancake Cafe (Polish and Canadian food)


Went here, good friendly service and something different. Not sure any other café in Taiwan has any dishes from Poland.


Neat. What did you eat?

Polish and Canadian food

You mean their milk comes in bags and they put butter AND peanut butter on their toast???

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I had the cabbage rolls, which was good. I did not have this for a long time my mom made it (it was the Hawaiian Version but almost the same).

I’m sorry, are you saying that a Polish and Canadian (weird combo but w/e) also serves Hawaiian style cabbage rolls…?

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Sorry I meant the ones I ate as kid were this: https://www.cookinghawaiianstyle.com/component/recipe/recipes/detail/1721/portuguese-stuffed-cabbage-rolls

Which a the Hawaiian version which my mom made. The ones I had here in Kaoshiung I guess are the Polish version (I have never been to Poland so I can say first hand it’s the same, but I had them in Germany and from what I remember it’s same as ones I had here).

So they have no competition…


In a sense yes, but still people have many choices of what to eat which means other cafes are competition. Do hope people here go out and try it and they have the business to stay open.

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Interesting to learn that they use bags for milk !

Went last night Sasukoua like dish is good, with Berry 18% drink

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