Urban Bikes in Taipei

Hey All,

Just arrived in Taiwan and such this is my first post in Forumosa. I’ve been looking for a bike to get me up and down the hill at Chengchi University as well as around town. After reading that excellent guide to Taichung Bike shops, I’m wondering if you guys know of any independent bike shops that carry some cool steel/ urban bikes in Taipei.


cool steel bikes tend to be uber expensive. uncool heavy ones not so much, and you can pick them up at RT mart.

not sure about bike shops in Taichung, look for threads here about the group of Rueifang Road bike shops in Taipei.

Single speed’s are trending here like a nasty rash you can’t get rid of. There are shops that build them to your own specs. Here is one facebook.com/stripebike/info?tab=overview

They have some nice steel urban bikes too, but yeah, you’re looking at 28,000. goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21301147180020