Urban Funk Festival: 06.23: Alu Cafe Outdoor Theater

International Urban Funk Festival

June 23 • Alu Cafe Outdoor Amphitheater

Launch Party 1.01

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Urban Funk Festival
launch party kicks off a summer series
of serious fun and funk at some of the best urban venues in Tai Chung–many
of them new outdoor venues. The first is at The Tai Chung Contemporary Culture
Center’s Alu Cafe Outdoor Theater. It is a gorgeous, all wood, outdoor amphi-
theater with a massive stage and incredible sound…

On 6.23, summer solstice weekend, we fill it with some of Taiwan’s top funkstars
spinning underground hip hop, old skool funk, breaks, D n B, dub/ragga, scratch
DJs, live performance, urban art and a whole lot more. In July, we welcome DJ Drez
back from the states for his Asian Tour. And in August, Shambhala is scheduled to
play the Urban Funk Festival Finale at one of your new outdoor urban venues in Tai Chung…

In addition to top international DJs, we add some local flavor. DJs 2 Hands &
Subtle, 2 of the top old skool scratch DJs around will add a bit of turntablism to
the mix. Chi Funk will do a special live segment with Russel Rodgers of Les Chats
Noirs on Funk Guitar and Phil Patry of Faye & The Slacks on percussions. He’ll
also be debuting some extrememly hot new Ragga Breaks. Lazy Daze will make a
rare appearance to play some of his vintage dub and reggae sounds at Sunset–
which will be long and late on the longest day of the year. 4in Funk Affair will add
a tag team set of old skool funk classics to round out the evening…

In addition, Scall Art is preparing an Urban Art display as part of the Decorations,
which RainbowFx and GiGi will also add some unique touches to. There will be food
stands, local independent artists and possibly even a group of Tibetan Monks who are
interested in spreading their word of peace to a more diverse crowd…

There will be tons going on all over the venue–much more a festival than a party.
But it starts at 6pm and ends at midnight. There will be plenty of sunshine on
summer solstice weekend, but top DJs and live performances start around 7:30–so
dont be late…

Line Up

Chi Funk Live!
2 Hands
Lazy Daze
4in Funk Affair
Russell Rodgers
Phil Patry
Scall Art


Alu Cafe Outdoor Amphitheater

Tai Chung Center of Contemporary Art & Culture
Tai Ping Rd & Shuang Shi Rd Sec.1 10-5

One of our best new outdoor urban venues in years. The all wood outdoor theater
has a massive stage, incredible sound and its surrouned by trees, which adds a nice
touch to an urban venue. Its located near Chong I Jie and Chong Yo Dept. Store, at
the intersection of Tai Ping & Shuang Shi Rd. Sec. 1 (the big road on the west side of
town that runs past the massive downtown Chong Shan Park, then all the bus stations
and finally ends up at the train sta.). Its next to the big baseball stadium. Tai Ping
road is the market street where all the students hang out near Chong Yo Dept. Store.
It crosses San Min at the corner where California Fitness Centere is located. Follow it
to the end and you run right into the Culture Center. Its a large complex just down
from Tai Chung’s main baseball stadium. Just go in through the main entrance. The
outdoor theater is just through the main door and to the right…

Alu Cafe Outdoor Amphitheater

Tai Chung Center of Contemporary Art & Culture
350NT +1 Free Drink
250NT Taiwanese Students
06:00pm-12:00 midnight


Scall Art: Urban Art, Deco, Graffiti Stencil
RainbowFx: Party Deco & Lighting
GiGi: Exotic Indian Designs
Art/Food Stands: BBQ, Art, Crafts, Info, More…

Urban Funk All Starz

More muzic, galleries & info here

DJ Drez + Zaire Black

Urban Funk Festival 2.01 07.21


Urban Funk Festival 3.01 08.18

REvEvolution 3.02

tons of new galleries, art, music, video, downloads & linx

The weather is looking good for summer solstice weekend–should be a gorgeous sunset on one of the longest days of the year. The venue looks equally gorgeous–mango trees are in bloom and palm trees surrounding the venue add an exotic mystic to the all wood outdoor theater. This is the best new outdoor venue we’ve seen in years. Here are a few highlights and surprizes:

2 Hands, Subtle and Chi Funk have some massive scratches in store for the sets. Foreign
Funk Affair add tons of old skool funk to the mix. And Chi Funk will debut some very hot, new Ragga Breaks

Scall Art: The Urban Art Project turned into a massive endeavor that will decorate most of the venue with massive stencil and spray paint canvases

Dont Be Late. DJs start at 6pm. Sunset promises to be something special. Live performance and scratch sets start at 8pm. This is a different event for Tai Chung. And it is very important. Ending earlier opens up a lot more venues in town. If people can get out early and make a strong showing for this event, there promises to be more, much larger events of this sort this summer.

New DJ Drez scratch mix posted on the Urban Funk page. He will be here for The Urban Funk Festival in July

Lots more surprises waiting at the party. Dont miss this one. It should be the best outdoor event in Tai Chung in a couple years…