Urban Nomad Opening Film.. Taiwan Premiere of "The Cove"

開 幕 時 間 OPENING FILM:4/30 19:30
地 點 LOCATION: 國軍文藝活動中心(台北市中華路一段69號)
Armed Forces Cultural Center, 69 Zhonghua Rd (near Ximen MRT)
活 動 官 網 WEB: http://www.urbannomad.tw
預 售 票 BUY TICKETS:http://www.indievox.com/urbannomadfilmfest/events/

Hey everybody,

The 2010 Urban Nomad Film Fest is going to be pretty awesome. The hot topic right now is that we will host the Taiwan premier of THE COVE for its opening film on Friday, April 30 at 7:30pm. This will be one darn gala premier for the film that just won Oscar for best documentary a month ago, and is currently causing riots and protests in Japan. We’ll also show a brand new 10-minute documentary about critically endangered dolphins in Taiwan. Only a limited number of tickets are available for this screening, and keep an eye out for special guests. The invitations are sent, and we’ll let you know once they RSVP.

(also… special after-party with Quiksilver/ Corona/ Finlandia . … more details later.)

In 2010, Urban Nomad is making “Blue Earth” one of the festival’s main themes. We’ve got six awesome documentaries in the program that are not only highly entertaining, they are also have a heck of a lot to do with the environment and issues of social justice.

On Sunday, May 2, we will show SHARKWATER, a documentary that’s won more than 14 major awards and shows how the Taiwanese mafia is destroying world shark populations so that expensive restaurants can serve shark’s fin soup.

On Saturday, May 1, we will host a free panel discussion by environmental experts discussing three issues:

  1. Taiwan’s contribution to the dolphin slaughter shown in THE COVE;
  2. the critically endangered humpback dolphins of Taiwan;
  3. the killing of sharks for shark’s fin soup.

TO SIGN UP, PLEASE REGISTER BY EMAIL: artistvillage@artistvillage.org

Urban Nomad is also working with organizations that want to protect the ocean. These include environmental NGOs like the Matsu’s Fish Alliance and the Wild at Heart Legal Defense Fund as well as the world’s largest surf brand, Quiksilver.

The Urban Nomad Film Fest was founded in 2002 and is Taiwan’s biggest independent film festival, receiving no government funds. In addition to international award-winning documentaries, it is also one of Taiwan’s largest showcases for independent short films, this year, receiving more than 250 submissions to its annual short films competition. But you know all that. Anyway, it takes place from 4/30 to 5/8. Hope to see you there.

主 辦 單 位:城市遊牧影展
協 辦 單 位:前景娛樂有限公司、 台灣媽祖魚保育聯盟、台灣蠻野心足生態協會
活動官網 :www.urbannomad.tw

“The Cove” banned in Japan, even at a US Military base

google.com/hostednews/ap/art … wD9F7UKV80

here’s the write-up in today’s Apple Daily

《血色海灣》遭日本打壓 台灣搶先上映


Nice work, Bull. I’d like to go, but I 'aint watching those films. Way too raw and emotional for me. I know what they’re about and they’re just too much for me to stomach.

“the Cove” is like an action thriller and you cheer for the good guys to
sneak past the cops, the local fishermen, and the enormous friggin
joke which is the International Whaling Commission.

That said, you can sure tear up at the end, but the directors
do their best to put a good spin on things such as dolphins “surfing”
huge waves and other success stories.

another very important film is “sharkwater” which details the dwindling shark
population around the world and taiwan’s complicity in this evil trade.

yup, it shows taiwanese fishermen illegally “finning” off the Galapagos Islands and Costa Rica, (the only sharks still left are in protected nature preserves) and then shipping the stuff off to Kaohsiung.

after seeing this film, i will never eat shark’s fin soup again, and i hate restaurants
who serve it.

we worked hard to bring this director to Taipei, but in the end, it didn’t work out. we are still trying and there’s a chance we can coordinate a trip this summer.

i don’t really like politics much, but i really wish they would stop talking about US beef and ban something that is really ruining our oceans.

Yeah. I DLed it…but can’t watch it. :frowning:

Aint THAT the truth! Or at least start calling the US beef shite what it is – a giant coverup to take pressure off the US and its REAL beef scare that REALLY kills people. Its NO coincidence that e-coli is off the radar here in Taiwan.

But this is off-topic. Best of luck with UN – from tiny starts to a really quite impressive festival. You done good! :thumbsup:

Yeah. I DLed it…but can’t watch it. :frowning:[/quote]

I watched it just now. :s

It’s nothing I didn’t already know…well the level of stupidity and ignorance of the Japanese people and the Japanese Government kind of surprised me…but I’ve know about that Cove for years.

Best of luck OP.

yeah, i know “The Cove” is being downloaded like mad, but for those that have resisted the urge so far, or who are straddling the fence, here are a few compelling reasons why you see the real thing.

  1. we have a gorgeous 35mm print with Chinese subtitles, and a spacious theater with historic proscenium, balcony, and 500 plush seats.

  2. we are working with the local film distributor for this screening, engaging in a revenue share plan which allows the people who invested in this film to earn back some of their money. despite its runaway success, the film has only grossed US$1mn in worldwide box office so far.

  3. a short, 8 minute film (CH/EN) will be shown about the plight of Taiwan’s white dolphins, and local environmental groups will be manning booths both before and after the show.

  4. after-party at Taipei Contemporary Art Center which is around the corner!

                           and then there's this PSA which just came out!!!

fortunately, some of the other films we are showing this year at Urban Nomad are just small enough that they can’t be downloaded. and, we do the hard work of translating and subtitling so the local audience can enjoy the film.

Did Sandman say something nice about something? Oh. My. Goodness. I guess that Chile earthquake that knocked the Earth’s axis off by 1.23 miliseconds really did do something. I kid. I kid. Maybe.

But if you do want to know more about the Urban Nomad Fest, then check out http://www.waakao.com 's interview with them. rock a roll-a

gonna be a big, feature-length interview with Ric O’barry in tomorrow’s taipei times. he is the man of the moment, and we are very glad to have been able to arrange this intvu.

also, we got some celebs showing up on friday. any photographers out there that wanna do some paparazzi like photos for us. we need these pics to send out for a press release later that evening. let us know if anyone wants to pitch in by taking some pics.

I heard Matthew Lian is coming too, and he’s my favorite hippie!
I can’t go tomorrow but will there be another showing of The Cove?

yes, matthew will be there on friday. he will make a few remarks on stage. other celebs will be in the house tomorrow too.

the taipei times article is here

its a good read.

and the theatrical release in taiwan begins may 7 with three theaters.

but the opening is gonna be more fun!!

Tonight at Huashan, Copyright Criminals

with yours truly playing an all samples sets before and after