Urban Nomad @ Taipei Biennial-- Filipino activist films!

Urban Nomad continues this weekend with free screenings as a part of the 2008 Taipei Biennial.

So far it’s been a blast with about 100 people a night, plenty of fresh Taiwan draft beer at NT$50 for a 16 ounce glass…and a beautiful artworks such as our bamboo theater built by European artist, Bert Theis.

Also, it’s totally covered— virtually indoors— so don’t worry about a light rain.

Here is some info about this weekend’s screenings on Saturday (10/4) 7:30pm
台北啤酒工場 八德路2段85號 Taiwan Beer Factory, 85 Bade Rd., Sec.

Filipino Activist Shorts 2005-2008

In the face of enormous national problems, including government corruption, police brutality and abject poverty, Filipino filmmakers have banded together to create an opposition voice. One of the main collectives in called Southern Tagalog Exposure, and here we show their animations, the“Arrest Gloria Shorts,”and other films.

Tribu (95分鐘)
(Jim Libiran / Philippines / 2008)

For his first feature film, journalist Jim Libiran went into the most dangerous slum in Manila, and recruited real teenage gangsters to act in his film about the slum’s gang wars. The gangs model themselves on US hip hop stars, and view freestyle rapping as a way of life. By using real members of rival gangs as actors in the film, director Libiran both created an extreme sense of realism and brought about an even more real truce between the gangs.

and here is our venue:

Are these films in Chinese or English, and are there subtitles?

yes… it is all subtitled, both English and Chinese throughout …

Saw Crossing the line when you folks brought it to HK. Great doco!

Hood stuff, Urbans! But would you consider coming and living in HK? We need your rays of light here.


Thanks for everyone who turned out last weekend. We are proud to say that attendance was approximately 150 people on Saturday, and about 100 on Sunday. Also, we are now operating in full surround sound, with 4 fully powered speakers meaning no noise interference.

This weekend’s film is a dandy if you are in the election mood… While it doesn’t pack the same punch as the Obama/Mccain debate, learn what it’s like to be part of Japan’s LDP party, and just what it’s like to bow to everyone, even the light poles.

The Campaign (120分鐘)
(Kazuhiro Soda / Japan / 2007)

Forty-year-old “Yama-san” Yamauchi leads a peaceful, humdrum life until Japan’s politically dominant Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) suddenly chooses him as its official candidate to run for a vacant seat on the Kawasaki city council. Yama-san had zero experience in politics, no charisma, no supporters, no constituency, and no time to prepare for the impending election. The film goes deep inside the old-boy club that runs Japanese-style “democracy,” and how Yama-san is indoctrinated into their ranks.