URGENT - 30 or more small breed dogs need re-homing

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Animals Taiwan is in urgent need of homes (permanent and foster) for small breed dogs.

Last year Animals Taiwan investigated a complaint against a man believed to be breeding small dogs from his back yard. On investigation it seemed this claim was true. Over 20 dogs were found to be kept in small cages without fresh water and the cages were rusty and rarely cleaned. The dogs had spent all of their lives in these cages and were unsocialized. None of the dogs had been de-sexed and most weren’t chipped or vaccinated. The man claimed he wasn’t breeding but when a female came into heat he put a male in the cage with her to “calm her down” and sometimes accidentally she became pregnant. He also said that he wasn’t selling the animals, but if people took them they would give him a “Hong Bao” (red envelope containing money). After contacting the government, TMAIH, the man, Mr Ong ( 翁先生), was given a warning to improve the conditions of the animals and to get them vaccinated and chipped. Animals Taiwan was able to convince him to hand over 8 of the dogs which included 3 puppies.
Animals Taiwan was fortunate enough to be able to get all 8 dogs adopted in a short period of time.
Animals Taiwan was recently informed that Mr Ong was continuing to breed the remaining dogs and their living conditions hadn’t improved. The TMAIH was contacted again and an investigator was sent to the scene. There are now 35 small dogs kept in the same conditions as before. Most of these dogs have had their vocal cords cut as the neighbours complained about the noise. They have lived their entire lives in these small, dirty, damp cages and have still not been de-sexed or vaccinated.

Mr Ong has agreed to hand over most of the dogs to Animals Taiwan for adoption. Animals Taiwan is continuing to work with TMAIH to insure that the remaining dogs will not only be kept in better conditions but they will also be de-sexed and vaccinated to insure that Mr Ong is unable to continue to breed these poor little animals.

Monday March 15th Animals Taiwan will be going to pick up between 10-15 of the dogs to be de-sexed and vaccinated. We are asking for people to come forward and help with re-homing of these animals. Once these 10-15 are re-homed we can then get more out of these terrible conditions and get them to a better place.

The dogs are aged between 1-4 years old. They will be vaccinated and de-sexed before re-homed (either to permanent homes or foster homes).

Please contact Liza@animalstaiwan.org 0932344687 if you can help in any way.

Excellent job, that guy needs someone to go over there and kick his hairy ass… i dont know if i can help with one, i would have to ask my wife… but if i cannot i will spread the word for sure …

one of them is a french bull dog i believe ( i posted as a pug, really need to learn my breeds :blush: )

if you’re still interested i’ll send you more information when we pick him up, i’m pretty sure he’s a boy, but i think he may have an eye infection. will follow up with updates.

UPDATE: Monday March 15th we were able to take 12 dogs from the breeder. We will be going back in a month or so to take more and get ALL of the dogs de-sexed. Once we have these little ladies and gentlemen in homes we can get the others quicker. 最新消息:星期一,3月15日我們從繁殖業者家中帶走了12隻狗。一個月內,我們會再回去帶走更多並幫全部剩下的狗結紮。這12隻狗越快找到家我們就可以越快回去再幫助更多狗。

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4 have already found permanent or foster homes.

Still available

Boston Terrier male ( fostered by me, he is blind in one eye, very well behaved)
Japanese Chin/Chihuahua mix female (fostered in Jingmei)
Small Taiwanese hunting dog female (tiger stripped) no voice
Male Dachshund (has heart worm)
4 Chihuahua mix female - 1 being fostered with the pospect of adoption
2 chihuahua mix male (one looks like a shrunken dobermen)

Please pass on the word to anyone you may know who wants a small dog. As soon as these find great homes we can get back and get the rest out.