[Urgent] ARC problem

I need help with something that happened yesterday. While repainting the wall in my living room, I accidentally my ARC.

What to do? Should I go to get a new one or can I keep it??

Painted over?

If your ARC is damaged to the point where it’s no longer legible, you need to trade it in for a new one. Take passport, photos, all the paperwork you had to have when you applied in the first place, and head down to your local NIA office. I can guarantee you it won’t be the first time they’ve seen it happen.

New one. One thousand nts. Two pictures. Next, please!

Damn it guys. You ruined the joke. :smiley:


Ah, sorry. In that case, carry on.

Our collective ignorance accidentally this whole thread. Is that dangerous?

You accidentally… what?