Urgent help and opinions needed by bird people (tonight)

I know its last minute and i know its bad to support.

Long story short there is a pretty sick looking grey parrot. Its skinny, panting a bit but can tell its eyes have a spark so its not totally on the way out. Seems also may have bone disorders but the beek is straight. Decent size but not ful grown.

Ok. So are there any bird experts here. I can buy it and take care of it until find a good home. Im experienced with animals but not birds. Basically anyone a pro at bird health? I am willing and able to build a large home for it and am somewhat experienced with medicine and the like but with reptiles. So if so.eone can confidently say they can help meout with info, suggestions on treatment and care etc im willing to pick it up tonight.

This is a rough area in a night market in pingdong so im not taking pics.

Answer here or message me. Can call me if anyone feels ultra passionate, pm my number.

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Pingtung is not an easy area to find a vet, let alone a proper vet.
Consider a possibility of visiting vet in Kaohsiung frequently.

On second glance, try read this


The usual diet offered to birds includes seeds, balanced formulated pellets, dried and fresh fruit, and fresh water. It should be noted that seed should be a treat, not the main staple because seeds are deficient in calcium, high in fat and phosphorus, and low in Vitamin D3. They have their role in the diet, but the birds need much more. Many owners and breeders provide a balanced nutritional supplement with key amino acids (such as lysine and methionine), vitamins, and sometimes probiotics are included in formulations to help keep the gut balance optimal.

FYI, reptiles have similar disease.

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Other possibility: an exotic virus called Newcastle disease (in my language: tetelo) that first known in the island of Java.

It looked like a person having bad sleep with dislocated neck/head.
The symptoms, aside from weird head position, the fowl walking in circles.
I have had experience with pigeon getting this disease. As it is a virus, no cure possible.

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The panting may be a sign of an upper respiratory infection, which is pretty common in parrots. This can be treated, but you should really get the bird to a vet. The parrot may also be malnourished and neglected or abused. A good diet and plenty of TLC should take care of that part.

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A long story short, I wasnt able to get the bird :frowning:

Looked like it had bone problems and reapiratory infection. Im a reptile guy not a bird guy though.

Thanks a lot for all the help everyone provided, was very very helpful. A shame couldnt manage to get it this time.

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