Urgent help needed - early bus to airport

Need to be at the airport at 5:30am. realized the shuttle I usually use doesn’t even start running till then. do I have any alternatives other than an expensive taxi ride?

Last time I had to be at the airport that early, I taxied it. Still, do you really want the hassle of a slow bus at that hour?

The traffic is negligible at that time so a nice comfortable taxi will have you at the airport from Taipei city in 30 minutes. :sunglasses:

There’s a super-early, cheap bus from the Hilton on Chonghsiao Rd. near the Taipei Train Station. Leaves at an ungodly hour, like 4-something a.m. You might check that one out. I took it to meet a friend at CKS once (I can’t believe I did that at that hour) but I can’t remember the exact time I arrived at the airport. Not much traffic at that hour, though.

I think I found that bus last time via the Internet, but I just Googled and couldn’t find it. Either I’m remembering wrong, or I just didn’t hit it. Maybe you should call the Hilton…they should know. Sorry!

thanks for the replies. :slight_smile: while the bus sounds interesting, i only have like 5 hours left so i’m probably going to just take a cab. there’s some stuff i gotta take care of once i get to the airport so i don’t want TOO much last minute stress. why didn’t i tell my travel agent to book a later flight i don’t know. oh well. thanks again for the help. :slight_smile:

The Freego buses should get you there on time.

Timetable: freego.southeastbus.com/freego/timetable3.htm

map: freego.southeastbus.com/freego/map3.htm