URGENT LOANS! WHERE? HOW?***SAVED! No longer needed, thanks!

Anyone know where foreigners can get loans and how - in a hurry?

Am taking my ex-employer to court on Wednesday for non-payment of severance pay, but only found out about it on Friday. Paid NT$20,000 already but still have to come up with NT$68,000 by tomorrow evening.

Only just started working full-time again, so don’t have any more cash saved up yet.

Tried selling the car to the dealer I bought it off but got a ridiculously low offer (and short of what I need) . Anyway, would be good to hang onto it.

So, any ideas? I can probably scrape up NT$20,000 from friends, but that still leaves NT$50,000 or there abouts.

It’s a little embarrassing to have to put it out there, but if you have any suggestions, please post here or PM me ASAP.

I so wanna see my ex-employer pay up.

If your lawyer is asking for this kind of advance fee, it sounds fishy to me. You shouldn’t be paying a big retainer for this kind of work. Sorry I have no idea where you can borrow this kind of money from a stranger overnight. Why would you need it?

To your own detrement, perhaps.

How much is your severence pay?

Usually, it’s 2 months pay. Will the court award costs?

Will the employer pay under a court order or take a fine as an option?

If you have a genuine case then you should try the dept. of labor affairs or have you already taken that route?

Tried that route.

The severance pay also includes unpaid holiday pay, etc., but the employer, not having sufficient reason for firing me, must pay me for the remainder of my contract period.

It’s a matter of principle more than anything else.