Urgent... Need a Recommendation for a Probate Lawyer

Sorry to bother everyone with my troubles. My dad received a call last night that his younger brother was found dead in his house. My uncle was a very eccentric man. He lived alone most of his life, never got married, and never wanted to move to the U.S. The neigbor called the police when she noticed that my uncle neither came in and out of his house nor picked up his mail for a week. The police broke into the house and found his body. There was no evidence of foul play.

My dad was very disheartened with the bad news. You see, my dad had more health problems than my uncle. My dad contracted TB at a young age and it killed his eardrum, kidney, and testicle. Also, he went through open heart surgery two years ago. He still lives a healthy life today and is over 70 years old. Ironically, his younger brother passed before him.

Now the problem is dealing with the inheritance. My dad has been in the US for the past 35 years and has lost contact with people in Taiwan. He stayed up all night thinking about this tragedy. He doesn’t want my mother or I to go back to Taiwan because of the SARS epidemic. He’s not going back because he is very cautious of his health and has panic attacks if he worries a lot about something. So now he’s stressing about finding a good probate attorney. I worry that his health will deteriorate because of this tragedy.

I’m sorry for the sob story, but all I want is if anyone could recommend a fair, trustworthy taiwanese lawyer that speaks mandarin so that my dad can contact and handle the inheritance without much more burden on his life.

Again, I don’t mean to play on anyone’s emotions. This is the truth and I just hope that someone can help me. I’ve been scanning the internet and there hasn’t been much listings posted. Any website recommendation would be helpful as well. Thanks for your time.

Could you clarify this a bit further? Where are you now? What are the nationalities, ages, and places of residence of all the persons involved in this story?

There are some people who work in law firms in Taiwan who regularly post to these forumosa forums, so I assume that some of them might be interested, available, and reasonably-priced.