URGENT! Need to make PDF doc

Hi All,

I need to scan a paper document, and make a PDF file out of it. I don’t have an scanner nor the PDF software. Does anybody know where I can get this done? Maybe a photo store? Internet Cafe? I live near Cali Fitness and Luxy on Zhong Xiao, it would be great if it can be done nearby, but I don’t mind traveling further as this is urgent.

Also, it’s CNY so I dunno, even if there’s a store that does this, it might not be open.

If you have any ideas please let me know, much thanks.

Photograph it with a digital camera and then use Adobe’s pdf on the web service, which is free.

meet your neighbours, one of them will sure have a scanner

I cant’ photopgraph it with a camera, it doesn’t look official enough. Also my neighbors don’t have a scanner. If anyone can do this for me, i’ll pay , hmm…500 NT?

If it is really urgent for you, you should either try nova or another computer center or try the internet cafes around shi da.
I am sure you can get it scanned for much less than 500.
In case you are near Asiaworld and want to come over now i am still in the office and we happen to have a scanner here.